Summary: This is the third sermon in a series on Philippians. This sermon provides three steps for building a united church.

I. Introduction

a. Today many churches are struggling because they are not united. For Example one church split of the issue of Adam and Eve’s belly button.

b. Paul began his letter with the Building up of the church, and then he gave reasons for rejoicing, next he tells the church how to be united.

c. Paul would urge us as a church to be united in our cause.

d. Paul gives three steps to becoming a united church.

II. The First Step is to be Humble (3)

a. We cannot be united if we do not put others ahead of us.

b. If we consider other people’s opinion more important than our own we will not be selfish.

III. The Second Step is to Care about others (4)

a. We must care about others in order to be united.

b. If you don’t care about others you will not want to be united.

IV. The Third Step is to be like Christ (5-11)

a. We need to have the attitude of Christ.

V. Conclusion

a. We must be Humble

b. We must care about others.

c. We must be like Christ.

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