Summary: Characteristics of a woman of faith

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How to be a Woman of Faith Mt 27:55-56

The greatest asset this world has is a woman of faith. The greatest influence a woman can have on her family and community is to be a woman of faith. Women of faith have made the greatest positive, constructive, life changing contributions to our world than any of group in society.

Don’t believe it? Read the story of Mary. She above anyone else made the greatest life changing contribution to our world. Did she not?

And there have been many, many, many more women along with her who have been positive agents of change as well.

Ladies, if you want to be an agent of change for the good, if you want to impact the next generation, if you want to leave a lasting legacy—seek above all else to be a woman of faith.

Although Jesus never married, some of his closest, faithful followers were women. Many followed him all throughout his life. I want us to look at some of the women who were faithful followers of Jesus.

What kind of women were they? What were some of their characteristics? What was in these women that can help women today become faithful followers of Christ?

Mat 27v55 says, “many women…..followed Jesus…..ministering to him.”

V56 says these women included, “Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James and Joseph, and the mother of Zebedee’s children.”

Many women followed Jesus. These are not the only ones.

Other women included Mary and Martha, the sisters of Lazarus, whom Jesus raised from the dead.

Mary and Martha were sincere, faithful, deeply committed followers of Jesus. On occasion they would have Jesus over for a meal.

John 19:25 speaks of other women who followed Jesus, “…his mother's sister [his aunts], Mary the wife of Cleophas, and Mary Magdalene.”

The first woman in Jesus’ life, who was His first female follower, was his mother, Mary. Mary was a loyal, faithful, godly woman. Of all the women God could have chosen to bring his son into the world he chose Mary.

The women who followed Jesus are examples of godly women. They are examples for women today but what made them godly women?

What made them godly women is they were women of faith. What characteristics make up a woman of faith?

First of all, the women who followed Jesus had Saving Faith.

They knew they were sinners and they knew he was the savior and they confessed their faith in him.

Christ came a long saying, “I am the son of God.” “I am the Christ.” “I am the way, the truth and the life, no one come to the father but by me.” These women believed and followed.

They had saving faith, the first and most important ingredient in being a woman of faith. What about you? Have you believed in Christ? Have you confessed Christ as your personal Savior? This is the first step in being a woman of faith.

2. They had a Simple faith.

A simple faith is not a small faith. A simple faith is not a weak faith. A simple faith is a faith the simply believes everything God has said and acts on it.

One characteristic of women is they are trusting. They’re trusting of others. If you are someone they trust they will believe what you tell them.

A woman of faith is a woman who trusts Christ and believes what he says and lives her life by it.

When the angel Gabriel came to Mary telling her that she was to give birth to the Son of God, Mary just simply believed God and said, “Be it unto me according to your word.”

No doubts, no discussion, no delays. She trusted and obeyed God’s will for her life and in doing so made the greatest life changing contribution to our world that has ever been made -- Ever!!! What did she have? Simple faith.

These other women who believed in Christ believed in him simply for who he said he was. They didn’t need miracles. They believed because he said it. He didn’t have to move mountains for them to believe. He didn’t have to heal the blind for them to believe. For them, all he had to do was speak the word and they believed. Simple faith.

Not only did they have saving faith and a simple faith………

3. They had a strong faith.

Their simple saving faith was a strong faith. There is no stronger faith than simple saving faith. We know they had strong faith because of how they lived their lives.

This passage here in Mt 27:55-56…….these women are at the cross while Jesus was dying. In fact, the women at the cross were the only believers to witnesses Jesus’ crucifixion except for the apostle John. He was the only male believer there. The rest of the apostles were not there.

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