Summary: A Father’s Day Message.


Mark 5:21-24; 35-43

INTRO: I come to speak to you, not as an authority on the subject of fatherhood, but as a participant in the reality of being a father. Our world is in great need of fathers who will be effective. In order to be an effective father, we must provide three things for our families.


We live in a world where many families never have their physical needs met. But our families have emotional needs and spiritual needs as well.

It is sad to see a family who does not enough food to eat or adequate clothing or housing because the father has squandered away the family’s money. It is also sad to see families who have the top of the line in everything at the cost of the father being constantly away from the home working to pay for them. Now, I know that it is nice to have the top line in things, all the way from designer clothes to a new automobile. But as nice as that is, it is necessary that you spend time with your family. Your family needs to live in a strong, vibrant, and sustaining relationship with you.

Jairus strove to meet the needs of his family. One day his twelve-year-old daughter became ill. When illness strikes our children, our hearts ache. We want to take their illness for them. As Jairus realized that his daughter lay dying, he could have sat down and wept away the hours. But Jairus was a father who strove to meet the needs of his family, and that sent him out in search of Jesus, the healer. Jairus’ desire was that his daughter be healed.

Our families need fathers who will display Jairus’ determination in meeting their needs. Many times we are tempted to pass on the the responsibility for our families to others.


Many fathers have accepted the macho image which our society views as the manly ideal. Our families need an image of a father who has a kind and gentle spirit more than they need macho men.

This talk of having a kind and gentle spirit is by no means idle talk. The prophet Micah declared to Israel that God requires people to be lovers of mercy (Micah 6:8). Paul writes about this in Eph 4:32. Jesus talked about it in the Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5:7,9).

Jairus was a man who displayed a kind and gentle spirit. As Jesus began to accompany Jairus to his home and his sick daughter, their journey was interrupted. A large crowd slowed their journey, but Jairus did not act improperly to the crowd. He displayed a kind spirit. As they journeyed, a woman who was sick with a blood disorder touched the hem of the robe of Jesus in order that she might be healed. As Jesus stopped His journey so that he could find out who had touched His garment, Jairus did not voice any impatience; he did not act in any way other than a gentle way. Through all of this, Jairus exhibited a kind and gentle spirit, a spirit worthy of imitation.

Fathers, we, too, must constantly display a kind and gentle spirit for our families to follow. Our anger and frustrations and anxieties may well up within us, but let us display kindnes and gentleness.

In this day when the pressures of society try to force us to see others as objects and enemies, our families need an image of kindness and gentleness to follow.


The pressures of our society seek to destroy the spiritual values of our families. Our families need strong examples of spiritual faith to follow.

This was a task given to the fathers in Israel (Deut 6:4-7). God charged the fathers of Israel to teach these values to their children.

Jairus was a man who displayed great spiritual faith. His little 12-year-old girl lay dying and he went fort to seek Jesus, the healer, because he believed that Jesus could heal his precious daughter. Read how Mark records his faith in vs. 23. Jairus did a very difficult thing. He committed his daughter’s life to Jesus, the healer. When our children become ill, we stand ready to do anything, to perform any task to ensure their healing.

Some people might say that his action was that of a desperate man, that he had no other place to turn except to Jesus. I would say that he turned to Jesus because he believed that Jesus could heal his daughter that Jesus could restore her health. Jairus was a man who had faith.

CONC: Father, do you exhibit such faith in your life? Can your family look at your life and see that you trust the Lord Jesus? To provide your family with such an example to follow you need to accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour. To provide your family with such an example to follow, you need to live a life which is dedicated to the Lord.

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