Summary: This message gives us the job discription of every born again believer

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Subject: How To Be Like Jesus

Scripture Reading: I John 4:10-17

There are many things that I do not think that we comprehend when we read the Bible.

In verse 12 it says that no one has ever seen God, but if we love one another, then God dwells in us, and people can get a glimpse of God through us.

Then at the end of verse 17 John says, As he is, so are we in this world.

Did you ever wonder what the Christian life is all about?

Did you know that you can wrap the entire Christian life up into one package and put a tag on that package and write on that tag: I John 4:17 As he is, so are we in this world.

Have you ever wondered what your job is in serving Jesus Christ?

It is to be a Jesus wherever you are.

In that office, in that store, in that place of business, on that job sight, you are to do what he would do, say what He would say, have His attitude, His heart, His expression, as if He worked in your place.

Every person whose name is written in heaven has an obligation to be what Jesus would be if He lived in your house,

Worked in your place,

To say what He would say,

To be what He would be,

To love as He would love,

To do as He would do,

To forgive as He would forgive.

Today I want I want to talk to you about The Holy Spirit and Christ-likeness.

There are several things that I want to notice with you today:

I. The Amazing Limited Earthly Life of Jesus.

About 2,000 years ago in Bethlehem, a baby boy was born to a virgin, to His earthly mother Mary.

His entire life on earth was spent helping others.

The one who perhaps knew Him best when he spoke of his life gave a one sentence biography of Him when He wrote: Jesus of Nazareth who went about doing good.

When He saw hungry people He fed them,

When He saw cold people He clothed them,

When He saw sad people He cheered them,

When He saw discouraged people, He encouraged them,

When He saw weary people He strengthened them,

When He saw poor people children, He blessed them

When He saw bereaved people He comforted them

He blessed them that cursed them, he loved them that hated Him, He prayed for them that despitefully used Him,

He never sought revenge, He never sought vengeance, He never tried to get back at anyone.

For 33 years that He lived on earth He never hated anyone.

When one betrayed Him, He called him a friend.

When people reviled Him, He did not retaliate.

When they nailed Him to the cross, He prayed for their forgiveness.

And like I said, the one who knew Him best, wrapped up his life in one biographical sentence: Jesus of Nazareth. . . who went about doing good.

Think about it:

He raised the dead

He healed the sick

He caused the lame to leap like a hart.

He caused the dumb to speak

He caused the blind to see, and the sick to be well.

He stilled the wind and calmed the storm. No life was ever lived on earth like this life.

Yet china never saw Him,

Asia never saw Him.

Japan, North America, South America

Russia, Europe & Africa never saw Him.

Now there is something very sad about that. This amazing, wonderful life so marvelously lived for others was only viewed by people who lived in one little area in one little 33 year life span.

But not only do I want you to notice the Amazing limited earthly life of Jesus.

But I want you to notice:

II. The Amazing Plan of God To Expand That Life.

Because this amazing wonderful earthly life of Jesus was limited, God conceived a plan.

God planned a way so there could be a Jesus in every country in the world.

Where there could be a Jesus in every city in that country.

And there could be a Jesus in every neighborhood in that city.

God conceived a plan where there could be a Jesus in every office, in every factory, in every neighborhood.

In fact God conceived a plan where by the entire world could see this amazing life that was lived 2,000 years ago in one little 75 X 40 mile area in a 33 year period.

And here is God’s plan. God planned that He would take that same inspiration and the same cause of this marvelous life and make that same cause available to everyone of his people.

Now what made the life of Jesus like it was? It was the Holy Spirit.

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