Summary: Six practical suggestions for giving more to the Kingdom and becoming "rich toward God" (Luke 12:21).

How To Invest More In The Kingdom Of God:

- Luke 12:21.

1. If you’re now giving nothing, set a “first check” amount and commit to increasing it over time.

- If you're not giving anything to the Kingdom right now, there's probably a good chance you're also in debt. You need to make your Kingdom generosity a part of getting your overall financial health to a place that's pleasing to God. Get a Dave Ramsey book for a larger discussion of financial health.

- On the issue of giving, you may not be able to immediately give all you want to. If not, make a commitment to a specific amount and make that the first check you write each pay. Also make a commitment to increase it regularly - perhaps annually. Move in the direction of honoring God fully with your finances by taking the baby steps that'll get you there.

2. Quit asking “What can I afford?” and start asking “What do I need?”

- Most of us make purchases, especially big things like cars and houses, asking how much we can afford to buy. Doing that, we end up spending all our money on things of this world. Ask a different question: what do I need? Often, the answer is significantly less expensive than the other question's answer.

3. When you write your check, write “investment” on the memo line.

- This can help you when you write your tithe check. Write "investment" on the memo line as a reminder that you're not "giving it away never to be see again" but rather you're investing in the Kingdom of God.

4. Create a “generosity fund.”

- If you're on a tight budget, put a little aside each pay for a "generosity fund." This will give you a little money to use when you see someone struggling. You will have the money to help them in Jesus' name.

5. Don’t stop at 10%.

- Just because you give 10% doesn't mean that you should stop. Invest as much as you can in the Kingdom.

6. Have an “I get to” attitude about this.

- See this as an opportunity (indeed, the opportunity of a lifetime!) rather than a burden.

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