Summary: How to be bold when speaking about Jesus.

Am I Ashamed Of Jesus Christ, week 4

Over the past three weeks, we have addressed the question, Am I ashamed of Jesus Christ?

First, we defined, being ashamed of Jesus as a person that is afraid or ashamed to associate their life with Jesus

publicly. This sounds like the characteristic of an unsaved person, however, many Christians fit this description as

well, sadly enough.

Then we discussed, how we can all become more bold for Jesus, using Paul's exhortation to a young pastor, Timothy

found in the book of 2 Timothy 1:6. Paul called for Timothy to renew and stir up that gift that God had placed within

him at the moment of his salvation. The same is for you and me here today. The first thing, every Christian should do

after their salvation and baptism, is to discover what their God given gift is from God, in order to be an effective tool,

used of God, within His church body.

Next in vs. 7, Paul reminded Timothy to remember the power that God had placed or sealed in him at the moment

of his salvation. In essence, Paul was encouraging Timothy to live daily in the Spirit of God, which would enable him

to draw from a divine power, display a divine love and maintain a divine priority in his own life. And that same call goes

out to you and me sitting here this morning.

1. Discover your God given gift

2. Understand the resources that God has given you in order to accomplish His work here on earth.

and next, we look at vs. 8

The third step in every Christian's life, to becoming more bold for Jesus is to simply


Everyone who is faithful to identify with the gospel of Jesus Christ will experience some form of persecution and

rejection. 2 Timothy 3:12 says Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.

Christian, by choosing to live a godly life in Christ Jesus, you will face persecution and rejection and not let

it catch you off guard when it occurs in your life. IN contrast Christians that attempt to avoid all conflict and hostility are

often devestated when it happens.

So here in vs. 8 Paul gives Timothy three general principles that teach us how to accept our sufferings.

1. First, Paul tells Timothy , Do not be ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, Which means we are to

identify with the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

In essence Paul was telling Timothy, in order to accept your sufferings, preach Christ boldly every opportunity you

have. I'd rather be in the valley holding Jesus' hand than on the mountain top without Him. And By doing so, Timothy

would be joining with all those who had suffered before him, including the Lord Himself.

Often times, when we are faced with persecution or rejection, Somehow, the devil makes us feel like we are the

first one's that ever happened to. I know with me personally, When I am mocked or talked about behind my back by

people, often times, I become discouraged until I realize, I'm in pretty good company, Jesus Christ. Did people treat

Him any better? He spoke nothing but the Truth of God's Word and they crucified Him for it, So why should I feel

like, I should be treated any better than God's Son.

I know in my life,

when I apply this principle, it really gets me out of my pity party and gets me moving forward for Christ again.

Elijah the prophet, cried unto God and said, Am I the only one that hasn't bowed and worshiped, the false god

of Baal. And God responded in 1 Kings19:18 and said, Yet I have left me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees

which have not bowed unto Baal, and every mouth which hath not kissed him. God told Elijah get out of your little

pity party and get moving.

So the first thing we should all do, according to vs. 8 is identify with Jesus Christ and then Paul goes on to say,

do not be ashamed of the Lord's testimony. That word testimony in the Greek means witness. And the witness of

Jesus Christ, is the gospel. So to identify with the Lord is to take a public stand for the gospel, boldly proclaimming

His death, burial and resurrection, warning unsaved men and women that they are sinners headed for eternal

punishment in hell, and then offering them the glorious hope of heaven through faith in Jesus Christ.

God had Paul give this message to Timothy, but God also thought it important enough to insert into the Bible, so

we could receive this message as well today in 2012. God certainly knows the pressures that you and I face today,

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