Summary: This sermon deals with killing the giants in our life, and a look at the fight of David and Goliath.

How to become a giant killer 1 samuel 1-54

Lets all read our text. very long but what a story.

Let me say before we get into the meat of the message, that In every contest there is a champanion and a underdog,

Lets consider the stand off in our text, David, against Goliath.

First lets look at David, He was just a young Boy, maybe it would be safe to say maybe he was around 16 to 17 years old. could have been older or younger. But real young for sure. Never been in a battle in his life.

second, there is Goliath, He is a Big man, Bible says he was six cubits and a span. witch means, he was 9 feet tall.

And was carry a spear and the Head of that spear weighed six hunderd shekels of iron, That translates to 15 lbs. And he thought he was the man. Amen

He thought at that moment he was the champion, They even called him a champion Verse......4


verse 3 david was on one mountain, and Goliath was on another.

And big valley was between them.

The request was made send out a man. verse 8

He wanted to fight,so he made a deal,

And you know the story, here comes Young david, says I want to go fight him. and his Brother said No, you are but a lad, And david told him how he had incounter a Bear and Lion,that had gotton one of his sheep, and he killed them both He said, And this man Goliath will be as one of them.


David steps up and out. And Goliath started laughing.

Question, If you were 9 feet tall, and was a beast, looking for a fight and a kid steps out to fight you. What would you do?? Laugh........Me too

Said to them Am I dog? Then told david come over here and I’ll give your flesh to the Birds.

And david said Goliath, This day the Lord will deleiver you into my hands, I will give your flesh to the birds, and while i’am at it, I’ll take your head too.


Goliath starts down the hill to meet David, and david runs with all he has, Puts his hand into his Bag and out comes the stone, Places it in the sling, and let him have it, and the Bible says the rock went into his forhead deep. and down he went. And David takes Goliath very own sword and cuts his head off.

And stands upon Goliath chest with sword in one hand and his head in the other. Amen

Now that’s the story in a nut shell, The question is what can we learn from it.


The narrative of David and Goliath is a classic depiction of an Underdog and a Overcomer.


#1 you have to Accept your Appointment. 1 sam.17:31 32.

David knew he had a Appointment with Goliath.

I must say we all have giants in our lifes, many have more than one giants. for some it could be at work on your job, But without being long winded, I want to challenge you all to stand up like david and accept that Appointment to meet it.

#2 You must Appreciate the fact that you are Annointed. 1 sam 17:34-37

You see David also knew he was Annointed. He told his brother that while he was watching his sheep, a Lion came got one of his sheep, and had it in his mouth, and said saul, I went and smote him and deleiver my sheep out of his mouth, and the Lion turned on me, and caught him by his beard and toke him down, And also a bear cane and I smote him,

You see david knew he was annointed, and that gave him confindence, To go fight.

I want you all to know that just as david was annointed so are you. and that makes you a champion.

Rise up o man of God, stand to your feet,square them shoulder back, for you are a champion, and you are annointed,

That means that your giants in your life are going down with just one stone.

#3 you need to Articulate your authority 1 sam 17:42-47

Look deep into verse 45 David said with all authority, Goliath, you come to me with a sword and spear, But I come in the name of the lord of host.

You see David new he had authority. for the lord was with him

May I say to all of us here, that because you are a champion and belong to the lord you have that same authority as david did that day.

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