Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: 4 of 5 in the Series on Money

(Prov. 22:7) "The borrower is servant to the lender..."

Series: How To Escape Financial Bondage

First message: "The love of money is the root of all evil".

If there ever was an item that steals our time from God...

If there ever was a time in which Christians need to be established, and prepared for the future...

If there ever was a time in which we needed to be at liberty to serve God without the bondage of money that so easily besets us...That Time is Now!!!

Yet, instead, we have fallen prey to the love of money, and it has entangled us in it’s web of deceit and enslaved us in a prison of despair. It is God’s will that we be financially free.

Second Message:

How to tell if you are in financial bondage?

Indebtedness. You owe a lot of money.

Pressure of bills.

Your life revolves around making money.

Entanglement in business.

You try every get rich quick scheme.

You feel guilty about the way you use money.

What is the purpose of money?

To supply basic needs in your life (food, shelter, clothing).

To supply the needs of others.

To show God’s Power in your life.

To unite Christians.

To confirm direction.

Last week:

Factors That Determine Financial Freedom

Giving is a direct factor in financial freedom.

Your income is a direct factor in your financial freedom.

Your spending is a direct factor in your financial freedom...(Learn to say "NO!")

How To Become Financially Free

I. Transfer Ownership of All to God.

A. Of your money.

1. Scriptural premise.

- "Every good gift, and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights..."

- "All things were made by Him, and for Him..."

- "And for thy pleasure they are, and were created..."

- The Bible says that God is the creator and owner of all things; and that they are and were created for His pleasure..."

- Whether or not you give Him ownership to your money, it is in His power to take it or leave it in your hands.

2. If you determine that all that you have is His, it will change the way you spend money.

- If you determine that it is His money, it will make a difference how you spend it.

- It should keep you from being frivolous with God’s money!!

- You would not want to waste what belongs to God, would you?

3. Transferring ownership of your money to God, is the first step in becoming free.

- If you indeed transfer its ownership, you transfer with it, the responsibilities that are associated with it.

- This may seem simplistic, and unrealistic, but I know it is the truth, and it works.

- When you transfer the ownership to God; and buy, sell, and spend according to His will; and put yourself under His direction; you also put yourself in His care.

- When you were spending your money, as you pleased, you also had to suffer the consequences of paying for your extravagances.

- But, now that you are spending as God leads, and doing as He wills, it becomes His responsibility to meet your needs, and set you free.

B. Of your time.

1. It cost money to live for the world.

- Because Christ is not the center fo our lives, we must find our joy and happiness elsewhere.

- Much of our money is spent on entertainment, pleasures, and other carnal appetites. And most of it is wasted because we can find fulfillment in Christ.

- Becasue we yield to the flesh instead of walking in the Spirit, we waste the money God gives us, in wordly pursuits.

- It cost money to live for the world.

2. It will help you to become financially free, if you transfer the ownership of your time to God.

- We seek for happiness in food, fun, and entertainment. We aren’t satisfied with a home-cooked meal, we want to eat out, more & more.

- We buy bigger and better toys (only difference between men & boys, is the price of their toys).

- We constantly want more, because Christ is not enough for us! Because we have not made Him center of our lives!!!

C. Of our possessions.

1. How tight do you hold on to your possessions?

- Maybe to become financially free, God would have you sell some of your possessions (Lk.12:29-34).

- God may want you to have a Yard-Sale and get rid of some things that hinder you, and pay-off some bills that hold you down, so that you can be more free to serve Him.

- Maybe you don’t need 2 cars & a boat. Maybe you don’t need 2 TV’s (or even 1). Maybe you don’t need designer clothes.

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