Summary: 4 of 5 in the Series on Money

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- Much of our money is spent on entertainment, pleasures, and other carnal appetites. And most of it is wasted because we can find fulfillment in Christ.

- Becasue we yield to the flesh instead of walking in the Spirit, we waste the money God gives us, in wordly pursuits.

- It cost money to live for the world.

2. It will help you to become financially free, if you transfer the ownership of your time to God.

- We seek for happiness in food, fun, and entertainment. We aren’t satisfied with a home-cooked meal, we want to eat out, more & more.

- We buy bigger and better toys (only difference between men & boys, is the price of their toys).

- We constantly want more, because Christ is not enough for us! Because we have not made Him center of our lives!!!

C. Of our possessions.

1. How tight do you hold on to your possessions?

- Maybe to become financially free, God would have you sell some of your possessions (Lk.12:29-34).

- God may want you to have a Yard-Sale and get rid of some things that hinder you, and pay-off some bills that hold you down, so that you can be more free to serve Him.

- Maybe you don’t need 2 cars & a boat. Maybe you don’t need 2 TV’s (or even 1). Maybe you don’t need designer clothes.

- I am not saying you dont! I’m just asking if you are willing to give them up, if God leads you to?

2. What is more important to you?

- Where your going to go after church?

- What your going to do next vacation?

- What movie your going to watch next?

- What restaurant your going to eat at next?

- Or what God’s will is for your life?

- If you transfer ownership to Him, He may want to liquidate His assets, in order to make you more profitable to Him.

D. Of our career.

1. God may want to change your career.

- We call ourselves followers of God, but we rebel at the thought of Him telling us what career to follow. We feel like our career is ours to choose!

- Maybe God wants to change your career, or your wages, or your hours! Are you willing to do as He commands?

2. We pray for financial freedom, and then get mad when God answers our prayer.

- What if God answers your prayer by changing your job or career?

- We want freedom so that we can better serve Him, what if He answers by giving us fewer hours? Less money, but more time to serve Him.

3. Often we waste what God does in our life, instead of using it to become free.

- You pray & pray for financial freedom. You ask your boss for a raise, and pray to God that it will be given. Oh God, I am over my head with bills, please let me get this raise.

- God gives you the raise. Do you pay double on your bills? Do you use it to become free?

*** NO!!! You buy a new car, and a new house, and new furniture!! ***

- God gives you overtime. Not just a little, but 20-30 hours a week overtime. Do you see it as a gift from God?

*** Hey, this could be God’s answer to becoming financially free!! ***

- IT’S WICKED; WICKED; WICKED; To use God’s answer of financial freedom, to get more in debt! Or to balk at God’s answer to your prayer.

- Turn over the ownership of your career to God, and He will set you free.

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