Summary: Over-coming christian failure


LUKE 5:5-7

In this walk of life, many times we come faced to face with the reality of failure. Failure is not something that you go out to seek — but by various conditions it finds it place in the life of man.

Failure is not discriminatory – whether saint or sinner – there will be times when it seems as if you have failed.

But there is a difference – If one that does not know Jesus fail – that failure can turn into destruction because this one has no foundation in which to stand.

But for a child of the King — what seems like failure – is only mere stepping stones and strengthening agents preparing you for the next level. If you have your hand in the Master’s hand and seems as if your are failing – hold your head up — looking to the hill from whence cometh your help – He will . . . . .

Having experienced the spirit of failure – I’ve found that failure will come several ways:

Reoccurring incidents in life can cause failure

Poor performance of a task can cause failure

To many duties can cause failure

Over expectation can cause failure

Actions of others can cause failure

Stress can cause failure ___ Even time itself can cause failure

If you’ve found yourself company of one of these spirits – I stopped by to give a truth —

When the spirit of failure takes you down — bear in mind that you don’t have to stay down. Failure is only temporary — Failure is only a set-back in time – it’s actions are brief and it’s effects don’t have to be ever-lasting. . . . .

Come with me my brothers and sisters as we examine – How to break the spirit of failure

In our text this hour – we see Jesus in the beginning of His earthly ministry. He has been baptized by John and had with-stood the temptation of satan in the wilderness.

Now we see Him in his three-year journey to the cross.

After performing a few miracles – fame of Jesus had gone out into every country in every place...

The talk of the town was — Have you seen what this man named Jesus is doing???

As we walk through a few paradigms – We see Jesus at Peter’s Mother in Law’s home, healing her of a fever (how many know that Jesus is a mighty healer?)

It had gotten late in the evening – People laden with sickness and all sorts of diseases were brought and laid at His feet. . . .

In the process of healing – as Jesus lay his hand – devils began to come out of many – coming forth acclaiming — thou art Christ – the Son of God . . . .(If more church folk would come forth)

Come with me if you will — The next day Jesus departed unto a desert (solitary) place — but even there the people followed Him ----- Begging Him — Master – don’t leave us

Hearing this – Jesus confirms His mission while on earth — saying I did not come to heal — but to preach the kingdom of God. . .Out of preaching comes healing, out of healing some will preach

The more Jesus preached – the more the people pressed to hear the Word of God. (Where are?)

As He stood by Lake Gennesaret, Jesus saw two ships docked by the shore —

Entering into Simon Peter’s ship – Jesus asked him to launch out a few feet from land —

Jesus using the water and boat for a pulpit and the shore for the congregation — preached and taught the people. . . . Jesus taught them how to break the spirit of failure. . . . .

After teaching the people — Jesus gives example — He told Peter — Go – launch your boat into deeper water and let down your nets to catch fish. . . .

But watch Peter — He has the spirit of failure — Peter says, Master. . . We have toiled all night and caught nothing. . . . Allow me here to borrow your minds – let identify why they failed. . . .

1. They were fishing at the wrong time (I know that fish bit at night) But Mark 4 give evidence that a storm occurred a few days earlier . . . fish done swarm after a storm

2. They were fishing in the wrong place (they had been fishing in shallow muddy water) but Jesus told them to launch out into the deep.

3. They were fishing with the wrong attitude (Gk. “Toil” means to be in distress) Instead of having joy — these fished with the mind of misery.

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