Summary: Change doesn’t come by looking at your sin.

Asked this weekend how to change

My brother and sister in law are separating after25 years

Things he and she need to change. Shane how do I change

Every person in the world wants to change

No matter where you are in life

“I don’t need to change”, No you need a brain first—

Then you can see u need to change

You are right in your pursuit for change

God has more for every person -saved or lost

God loves you no matter where you are

I’ve tried to change----Just can’t

We wanna, need to, seek to

In our pursuit of change, That’s when Satan attacks the hardest

Condemnation- Depression

Satan switches corners whenever nesseccary

Change is hard,

See it in marriage, get to hard point,

Finally wife says, “I’ve had enough.”

First thing a man says, “I will change, I mean it this time”

They meant it last time----2 wks. He’ll be back doing the same stuff

People don’t change----

I see the need in my life for change

Like to share principles of change

1. We have to see the ROOT of our problem

Proverbs 4:20

Where do problems come from- it began in your heart

Good things and bad things

Mark 7

Take a Man who has no need for alcohol- booze don’t tempt him

Take a Wife who is faithful- affair isn’t attractive

The heart is where every good and bad thing comes from

We always see the fruit

Sin is a fruit--- We always judge the fruit

The fruit isn’t the problem,,, it’s the Root

Don’t ponder at the fruit, take an axe to the root

The root gives fruit---good and bad

You can’t live better by your will power

Some last longer than others, but all will fail eventually

If we need change, it starts in the heart

I never went to church----You need to be in church

Try Sunday School

Dinner tonight

I Hated church---The programs couldn’t make me come

My Hate couldn’t make me go

2. Principle- quit trying and start trusting

2 Corinthians 3:17

God doesn’t want me to change for Him

He wants me to see Him, and then He can change me

But we look at us “the author and confuser of our faith.”

Quit smoking for the lord, -God delivered you fromIgnorance and Cigarettes

1. God changes us

2. Start looking at God, and not my shortcomings

3. Change is progressive- It’s not instant

Lord I want it now- “God if you love me help me change.”

God’s saying, If you’d let me lead you, you wouldn’t have to change

Quit trying, Start Trusting

I’m trying Bro Shane, Keep trying, when you fail come back

Best foot forward----He’ll pull it out of your mouth

Religion says if you want to change, you gotta look at your sin

You do need to acknowledge your sin

To change you gotta look to God, Sin won’t eve cross your mind

But God does know- Adam

Look church, I know I am not what I oughta be

But I’m not who I used to be either- I haven’t arrived, But I have left

Quit trying and start trusting

What is Sin

Transgression of the law

All unrighteousness is sin

What ever is not faith is sin

Doubt worry strife envy

Sin’s not just what you’re doing, it’s what you’re not doing

Looking at sin can’t change you

Acknowledge your sin- but there is no answer in sin

Wanna know what God looks like, Look at Jesus

You’re not “The Good News” Jesus Is

Quit looking at you and look at the GOOD NEWS

I gotta be Holy- Muslim, Buddhist, JW, Mormon, Catholic

Christians don’t try to be Holy, Jesus is Holy, Because he is - so are we

Jesus is kind, good, giving, loving - that’s my kind of guy

3. The Word of God in your heart

If it’s not in you, what can you draw on?

Telling Wade ‘Love doesn’t keep a record of wrong doing’

Satan can trick you if you don’t know what the bible says


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