Summary: We need to know how to dress as Christians

How To Dress For Success

Ephesians 6:10-18

Introduction: Say yes to the dress. Well, what should I wear? That all depends on the season, occasion, resources, style and preference. If you’re going to the prom – get a tux or formal. If you’re going to play a sport – dress accordingly. What about a wedding or a funeral? You get the idea. But what about a war? A what? A war!

We need to know how to dress as Christians. We need to know how to dress for spiritual warfare. We are in a war! Paul tells us to put on the armor of God. Let’s explore this passage and idea.

I. The Provider (10-11)

God provides strength and armor. Note the words “be strong in the Lord.” That means “find your source of power in the Lord.” “Be strong in His cause.” Now note v.11 – “whole armor”. That means full armor or complete armor. Of special interest are the words “of God.” God forged them and provides them. Put it on once for all, now and forever. God gives it but we must wear it. He hasn’t provided half armor but whole armor.

II. The Purpose (11b)

“That you may be able to stand.” “You” means each of us. “To stand” means to stand in battle, not idleness. Stand firm. Hold your ground. The scene is that of a soldier rushing into battle both defending and attacking the foe. Stand against him to gain ground.

III. The Principle Enemy (12)

“The wiles of the devil”. “Wiles” is a reference to his methods and schemes. He has a well laid out plan and lots of skill. He is public enemy number one. You must know your enemy. The enemy is not flesh and blood but Satan and his forces who use humans as their missiles.

Note the words “wrestle” – a hand to hand encounter. “Principalities” – demonic world fighting against us. “Powers” – wanting to possess human beings. “Rulers” – charge of worldly business. “High places” – charge of religion.

Satan heads all these up. He has a well-organized group. Where is the battleground? Wherever the word is being spread!

IV. The Pieces (13-18)

A. Loins Girded With Truth (14) The belt holds everything in place. It is basic and essential. The soldier had a place for everything on his belt. God’s word is truth.

B. Breastplate Of Righteousness (14) This covered the body from the neck to the thighs. It covered the vital organs – mainly the heart. We have no righteousness of our own – see Isa. 59:17. Without righteousness we have no defense against Satan’s accusation, no assurance and no effectiveness.

C. Feet Shod With The Preparation Of The Gospel (15) Many battles were won simply because of better footwear! This speaks of readiness, sturdiness and steadiness.

D. Shield Of Faith (16) This protected the whole body. By faith we are saved, sealed and sanctified. It quenches the fiery darts of hell. He is shooting his firebrands at us fast and furiously. Faith is not a leap into the dark but a leap into the light!

E. Helmet Of Salvation (17) This protects the head. That’s where we do our thinking and planning. Note that up to now all parts have been for defense. Everything is for the front. Now protection for the back has been provided. Retreat is not an option.

F. Sword Of The Spirit (17) The sword here is the “word”. Jesus defeated Satan with the word. It is quick and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword. Heed, hide and hold to the word.

G. Attitude Of Prayer (18) Lay hold of all this through prayer.

Conclusion: Say yes to the dress and enjoy the success.

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