Summary: A sermons that guides us through a true worship service from entrance to exit.

INTRODUCTION: The question of worship is one that haunts and plagues the churches of today, what is praise and what is play? The question is one that needs to be answered so that the congregation can move from spectators to participators. The question is

answered in the story of the Wisemen. There are two basic movements:

1. They entered with gifts. There are 3 reasons that this is important.

A. They came from home with their gifts. We must enter the church ready to praise,

and not hope the choir sings us happy, etc. Psa. 100:4 "Enter into his gates with thanks-

giving, and his court with praise."

B. They entered the house and worshipped. They worshipped even more once they found the child, not distracted by their new surrounding.

C. They presented gifts while worshipping. True worship happens when give.

1. Gold-represents his kingship, you give the best to a king. the gold of your life.

2. frankinscence-represents his priesthood, you give your cares to priest, to present to GOD. frankinscence of your prayers.

3. myrrh-represents his death, you must give up your life, the myrrh of your services.

2. They exited the house a different way.

A. Their lifes were changed because they were in the house with Jesus

1. Their loads were lightier because they gave to Jesus.

2. Their Lord was found, they found the new STAR IN THEIR LIFE.

B. Their look was changed.

1. Following the rule of the king lost importance.

2. Forsaking the road they came in on was easy because Jesus is the Way.

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