Summary: How To Evangelize and Teach People About Evangelism - How To Teach Christians to Bring Others to Christ! TEXT - Luke 19:1-10

How To Evangelize and Teach People About Evangelism

How To Teach Christians to Bring Others to Christ!

TEXT - Luke 19:1-10

Learning Objective

1. The students will learn the principles, patterns, and methods for effective evangelism by analyzing how Jesus Christ brought Zacchaeus to salvation.

Introduction - When we look at some people in our community, in our families, or in our schools we sometimes consider them as hopelessly lost. These people may appear to be so hardened against the truths of Jesus Christ that many of us do not even bother to witness to them. We look at them and say,

``Well, if they truly want to become Christians they will eventually ask a Pastor how to receive Christ as their Savior.’’

Little do we realize how hurting they may be underneath their rough exterior. Perhaps we need to look at the examples of how Jesus Christ turned several seemingly ``hopeless’’ people to repentance and faith in Himself for their salvation. If Jesus Christ said, ``All power in heaven and earth is given to you, go therefore and make disciples of all nations . . .’’ He must be able to equip us to meet the requirements of leading others to faith in Himself.

Preach the word, be ready in season and out of season, reprove, rebuke, exhort, with great patience, and instruction.’’ (II Tim. 4:1,2)

Zacchaeus like Mary Magdalene, the demoniac of Gadara, and the woman at the well of Sycar, in Samaria, were all people who seemed hopelessly lost, but Jesus reached out to them and their lives were transformed. Let us not give up on some of the seemingly hopeless cases in our areas of life. Let us consider together how Jesus reached out to Zacchaeus to learn concepts, methods, and motivations for winning the lost in our areas!

I. Jesus Initiated the Witness by Visiting Zacchaeus’s Home Town (Luke 19:1-4)

A. Zacchaeus was a chief tax collector, meaning that he was over other tax collectors in his district. He probably rose to a high level in the government through corruption, pay-offs, and other devious means. He was a very wealthy man.

Example - Recently, a very important ruler who had gained his power through corrupt means confessed to his wrong-doings.

The people in his area were so surprised to hear about his admission that most men wholeheartedly forgave the man. Yet, there was a violent minority that wanted the man punished beyond the extent of any law. They stormed the man’s house, burnt it to the ground, and killed his children.

Despite all of the senseless revenge, the man, who had recently become a Christian, said, ``Let the one who is without any crime, cast the next stone.’’

The man now understood that forgiveness requires an understanding of how much the Lord has forgiven us before we can rightly forgive others. Zacchaeus was eventually converted because of Christ’s willingness to forgive his sins despite their number!

B. Jesus traveled down to Jericho to seek and to save those who were lost. (Luke 19:10)

C. Jesus was willing to go to where the needy, hopeless, and hurting were, He did not just say, ``Here I am, if you have a problem come to my office at 2:00 P.M.. You know I only see people during my office hours!’’

D. Jesus Christ’s search for the lost was not always loud and obtrusive. He made Himself available to the people who would call upon Him. (vs. 6)

E. Jesus initiated the encounter. He paused by the sycamore tree to notice Zacchaeus requesting lodging at his house. (vs. 5)

F. Jesus was able to approach Zacchaeus in a culturally acceptable way as visitation was an honor for anyone. Even some people got angry with Jesus for insisting that He would associate Himself with a tax-collector. (vs. 7)

G. Jesus was willing to suffer shame, rejection, and ridicule from the crowd and misunderstanding from his disciples to win Zacchaeus.

Example - Paul Gindiri is an example of Christ’s courageous witness. One day when he went to a certain town with members of the New Life for All team, they were met by an angry crowd who began to throw rocks at the preachers. When the police came to calm the crowd, Paul Gindiri told the police,

``Do not take them away to jail! Let them remain here to listen to the rich message of Christ’s love, forgiveness, and free gift of salvation for anyone who would believe in Him!’’

As a result of this man’s love for the enemies of the cross of Christ, several people became Christians that day!

H. Jesus Christ’s invitation, ``I want to stay at your house,’’ is extended to every human being. Christ wants to come and dwell in the hearts of everyone, in everyone’s family, in every tribe of people.

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