Summary: This sermon gives three steps to getting out of a spiritual desert.

I. Introduction

a. In 874 BC Ahab became King over Israel.

i. Ahab was evil. He allowed Baal Worship.

b. There was a drought in the land.

i. Showed that Yahweh was God and Not Baal

ii. Elijah means Yahweh is my God

c. Elijah was living by the brook of Cherith living on food brought by ravens and drinking the water.

i. The brook dried up (7)

d. Many of us have been in the desert and our brook has dried up.

i. We feel like we are away from God.

e. This passage gives us three steps to getting out of the Desert.

II. The First Step is to Listen to God’s Directions (8-10)

a. John 8:47-

b. Listening to God may Require that

i. You Leave your Comfort Zone

1. Elijah had live in the desert for

ii. You Let go of your Fears

1. Jezebel’s father was the King of Sidon

2. Zaraphath was also the Heart of Baal Worship

III. The Second Step is to Look for God’s Provision (10b-14)

a. Elijah didn’t wait for the woman to approach him. He was looking for God to provide.


c. God May Provide

i. In Ways we think are unlikely

1. The woman was a poor widow (10)

ii. In ways that seem impossible

1. There was not enough food until she put God first. (13)

d. Are We Looking for Ways that God is going to bless

IV. The Third Step is to Lean on God’s Blessings (14-16)

a. Lean means to “rely on”

b. The woman relied on God’s blessings

c. Sometimes God cannot bless until we put him first (13)

V. Conclusion


b. Whatever you desert may be, this text gives three steps for getting out of the desert

i. Listen to God’s direction

ii. Look for God’s Provision

iii. Lean on God’s Blessings

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