Summary: Nehemiah and how he re-built the walls of Jerusalem

Introduction: Book of Nehemiah

One of my favorite books because we see

Man’s faith and God in action.

I would like us to look at Nehemiah’s great project:


Because it parallels the great job we have on the Marsh building up our churches.

Nehemiah had a problem:

How he went about it solving it, I think, gives us very helpful pointers if we want to see our Church St Nicholas’ grow.


Who was Nehemiah?

Cupbearer to Artaxerxes I

He would have been the confidante and favourite of King.

Often a position given to foreigners.

Wielded a lot of political influence.

His job: To taste the king’s wine before the king himself, in case of poisoning!!

I. THE PROBLEM: Neh. 1: 1-11

It must have looked a daunting task for Nehemiah

He wanted to be allowed to rebuild the Walls of Jerusalem.

Why did the walls need rebuilding?

Because in 587 BC, King Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon had sacked the city, broken down the walls and taken the people into captivity

Why bother with the walls you might ask.

The Walls:

i) Symbolised protection physically

ii) Showed significance of Nation.

iii) Defined boundaries of city.

As we look at Nehemiah’s actions in Chapter 1 we see a number of practical points that we can apply in our situation.

1. Nehemiah recognized the problem (Neh 1:3-4)

He was realistic. He didn’t gloss over the problem.

The broken down walls were a disgrace and the lack of protection for the Jews, meant that God’s people were open to the attack from Samaritans and Arabs.

This drew Nehemiah to pray – not that someone else would be the solution but that he would be (Neh 1:11)

Thought: Don’t pray unless you are prepared to be the solution

2. Nehemiah took problem to the Lord - Neh. 1:5-10

Nehemiah got down to business with God. He showed his earnestness in prayer and fasting

Thought: Are we really earnest about our needs – that we will set aside time to fast and pray about it?

3. He confessed the sinfulness of his people and identified with them

Nehemiah did not take a holier than thou approach (Neh.1: 5-9.)

Thought: We need to be honest and frank with God.

4. He actually asked for what he wanted

Neh. 1:11.

He didn’t beat about the bush – he got down to prayerful business with God

He wasn’t afraid to ask God for success.


The ground must be properly prepared for God’s work.

We need to identify with the problem and be prepared to be part of the answer


God often prepares people for a work by putting them in the right place.

Nehemiah had an opportunity to present his request. He was probably in a unique position (among the exile Jews) to do so effectively.

What do we see about Nehemiah’s character?

i) Obviously Nehemiah had a good reputation with the king. He was a man to be trusted.

ii) He did his homework right

“Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.” Pr.15.22

When the king asked what he wanted he didn’t say: “Can I put a committee together to discuss what we need.”

He made specific requests: first for safe conduct and then for a grant (a letter to Asaph the king’s forester to give him all the assistance he needed) - Neh 2:7-8

iii) Why had Nehemiah planned out what he needed?

May I suggest that he believed God would grant his request, despite the fact that we work had been stopped before

Thought: When we pray do we really expect an answer?

iv) Nehemiah could have been proud of his success in being made Governor of Jerusalem.

But he was humble in acknowledging God and gave Him the glory for his success. "because the gracious hand of my God was upon me, the King granted my request." Neh. 2:8


Sanballat the Horite and Tobiah the Ammonite opposed him.

Nehemiah rebukes them, not by name calling but merely by saying:

God has called us to do this. We will do it and

You have nothing to do with our work. (Neh.2:20).


i) Satan is out to stop us.

If it really is God’s work, expect discouragement and be ready for it

ii) Expect opposition in Christian work.

Just because someone is a Christian won’t stop him/her opposing God’s work.

Remember Jesus told us to be “as wise as serpents but as innocent as doves “(Mt 10:16)

iii) Popularity - forget it!!

Don’t be surprised if we aren’t popular with some folk if we are doing God’s work

Jesus is our Example – he was hated. Remember what he said

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