1. Love Endures Long - Love is slow to lose patience. It does not show irritation, undue anger or exhibit a hot temper. Love has the courage to change the things it can, the serenity to accept the things it cannot change and the wisdom to know the difference.

2. Love is Kind - Love looks for a way of building others up. Love is more constructive than destructive. Love creatively looks for ways of adding improvements to each situation. Love recognizes felt, perceived, emotional, physical, social, cultural and spiritual needs in people.

3. Love is not envious - Love does not have a discontented longing for something that belongs to another. Love does not try to hold on to control of things, people or power for its own sake. Love is not possessive. Love does not insist on controlling schedules for its own interests.

4. Love does not try to impress others - Love does not try to make a big reputation for One's own sake. Love does not pursue personal gain for its own self-aggrandizement.

5. Love is not conceited - Love is not self-centered. Love does not have excessive pride. Love Does not launch far-fetched comparisons with others. Love has the capacity to adapt and accept Its circumstances with graciousness. Love does not grow angry when things do not work out for One's personal satisfaction.

6. Love is not rude - Love is not impolite or offensive. Love does not behave unmannerly. Love shows proper respect for people. Love shows discretion in its words, attitudes and actions.

7. Love is Not self-centered - Love does not habitually pursue selfish interests, ambitions, or Concerns. Love yields its principle rights to the Lord. Love is not controlled by its own physical, emotional, sexual, cultural, social, mental, or vocational rights. Love does not pursue its own advancement for self-fulfilling reasons. Love knows how to replace Christ with selfish purposes.

8. Love is not Touchy or Resentful - Love does not harbor feelings of indignation, bitterness,or carry a grudge against others. Love learns to let go of its rights for Christ's sake. Love is not Hypersensitive or easily annoyed. Love does not take things too personally. Love is not so Enthralled with one's own ideas that it quickly rejects others input.

9. Love Does Not Bring Up Past Offenses - Love does not bring out past hurts, wrongs, or Misunderstandings. Love does not use past offenses as leverage in arguments. Love is willing to Throw away evidence of wrongs done to it to reduce the temptations to become bitter.

10.Love Does Not Make a Big Deal of Otl1ers' Misdeeds - Love does not compare oneself to others for self-justification reasons. Love does not use others weaknesses as an opportunity to get a leg up. Love does not refer to others iniquities to beg for leniency in personal faults.

11. Love Is Genuinely Glad When Truth Prevails - Love rejoices when the truth wins out. Love enjoys being with Godly people who pursue God's highest priorities. Love is focused on Speaking the truth in love while growing into all aspects in Christ Jesus.

12.Love Bears Up Under Any Difficulty - Love knows how to live with the inconsistency of Others and their circumstances. Love overcomes any temptation to become angry and lose control

13.Love is Ready to Believe That God's Best Will Prevail - Love persists in looking on The fact that God reigns supreme in His sovereignty and will ultimately triumphs in all things. Love is ready to believe the best in every person and every situation.

14.Loves Hope is Fadeless - Love is not fickle or situational in its ethics. Love has the perfect Confidence that God will do what He says He will do and acts on that conviction. It is optimistic.

15.Love Endures Every Trial - Love is able to overcome because it knows that God is greater Than any problem. Love can outlast anything because of God's all sufficient grace. Love endures Any obstacle put in its way. Love keeps on giving even when no one else returns the favor!

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