3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: Elijah was a powerful prophet, but Elisha received a double portion of his Spirit. In days past, the church had power, but we can enjoy a double portion today.

From the Desk of Pastor Toby Powers

Truth Baptist Church

Bremen, GA

How To Have & Use A Double Portion

II Kings 2:1-22

Intro: We are seeing the account of Elijah leaving this walk of life. He does not leave by death, but by translation. He is one of only two men that we ever have any record of that left this world never having to die. His heir apparent and close friend Elisha traveled with him as he sensed that Elijah was moving on. In spite of Elijah’s urging, Elisha stayed with him until the end. Nearing the end of their companionship in this world, Elijah entreats Elisha to tell him what he might be able to give him or help him with before he went away. The petition from Elisha was for a double portion of the Spirit that rested on Elijah. It was not that the Spirit of the Lord was Elijah’s to give, but both men knew that Elijah’s prayer life was so that he could intercede for Elisha. This promise was made that he would have his desire.

What was the double portion? It is a term of inheritance (Deuteronomy 21:17). The people of that day would give double to the elder sons what they gave to the rest. Elijah had been anointed of God to be the elder of the prophets of Israel in terms of leadership, and it appears that Elisha is asking to fill that role now that Elijah is going away. The lesson of the passage is that the double portion is a gift available to every child of God that wants it, but you will have to do what it takes to get it. It is our’s by right of inheritance, but you will have to lay claim on it.

Ephesians 5:18 commands us to be filled with the Spirit. If you will have this double portion of the Spirit of God on you, How will you get it?

1. You must seek for all that God has for you, but exercise your gift unto edification. v. 9 was a high request, but he sought it for God’s glory. He began his miraculous ministry by purifying the water for the other sons of the prophets to drink, v.19-22. When Namaan came to him to be healed, Elisha refused to be paid for the miracle seeing it was the work of God. Elisha’s servant received it, and God gave him leprosy.

2. You must be mindful of yourself and your situation without being prideful in your gifts or abilities. Elisha was overwhelmed that the Lord would let him have this double portion, this inheritance of the Holy Ghost power. Yet he did not let it go to his head. He was mindful of his duty and performance without being prideful in his gift. He was certain that any other man could have the same blessings that he had. This is why he spent so much time with the Sons of the prophets.

3. You must remember the past and learn from it, but never dwell in it. v. 14 “Where is the God of Elijah?” He remembered the miracles that Elijah had done, but he was more concerned about what God can do today. Use yesterday as a track record, not as a medal of accomplishment. Whether it is of something you did or something that some one else did, that which is past is gone. Your life should be a newspaper, not a history book. Seek God to do something today. Don’t be a has been.

4. You must be persistent, yet submissive. v. 2-6 all people did was try to make Elisha quit, but he continued on determined to get a double portion. But when he asked for the gift, I believe had Elijah said that it was for some one else to do, Elisha would have been satisfied with that.

Conclusion: May I ask you this morning, when was the last time that you sought all that God had for you, but were willing to accept whatever that was without reservation? Would you seek a double portion? You can have it. You can be filled with the Holy Ghost. You can be used by God in a capacity that you may have never dreamed that God would use you. Will you seek him to save you, fill you, and use you for his glory?

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