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Summary: Some principles to help stregnthen our faith through difficult situations.


Acts 27:20-44

1. When you can’t see God’s hand, trust His heart. (20-25)

2. Listen to the Word of God. You never know the complete truth about any situation until you hear from Him. (26)

3. Don’t panic and take matters into your own hands. God’s Word is the truth regardless of the circumstances. Keep trusting the Lord along the way. (27-32)

4. Don’t stop living. You need strength to continue on. (33-38)

5. Let God have the boat and let Him be the sole pilot. If He wants to wreck it, let Him. He really does know what He is doing. (39-41)

6. Look for the way God has provided for you to “escape.” (see I Cor. 10:13) It will always be there even though it may not be the way you pictured it. That is why you let God drive the boat. If you need “extra” help to make it, He will provide exactly what you need. (42-44)

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Larry Horn

commented on Nov 12, 2006

Thanks for the start to a wonderful sermon. Pastor, Larry

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