Summary: A sermon on how were are to mirror Jesus in our lives.

How To Have The Heart Of Jesus

Matt. 9:35-10:1



I used to be hard hearted. I mean nothing bothered me. I could look you in the eye and not have cared one iota about you except what you could do for me. Now today that is not true. I will tear up at hearing a testimony, or seeing someone accept Christ as their Lord and Savior. Where once there was coldness now there is warmness. Where once there was indifference now there is love and compassion. Jesus says that He will make a new creature out of us and we are a work in progress. We should all be striving to have the Heart of Jesus. Not a heart like Jesus because we might fail but to have the Heart of Jesus.

To have the Heart of Jesus we first must see with Jesus’ eyes. While we only see the few around us in need Jesus looks at the multitude. He did not just few who were in need around Him He saw all who were in need. He saw the Hungry and feed them. Twice we are told of times that Jesus ministered to the physical needs of people. Twice He took a small amount of food and feed thousands and had more left over at the end. He still has food today for the multitude and just like the apostles did we are to distribute this food to the multitude that is starving around us today. To many are only seeing the few and trying to serve them while Jesus is seeing the multitude and is saying but what about these also.

He also saw the sick within the multitude and was moved with compassion and healed the sick among them. Jesus ministered to the sick and dying. What about the sick and dying of the world today? Are you ministering to them today? Are we moved with compassion when we hear about the medical needs of people in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, South America and even here in our own nation the United States of America? Are we moved when we hear about the Spiritual needs of people all over the world? Do we have compassion for the spiritually dead that pass us each and every day? Do we minister to those needs as our Master did?

Jesus also saw the tormented among the multitude. He drove demons from them and made them new creatures. He healed the broken hearted and the deformed bones of cripples. He awoke the dead souls of those who believed. Are we seeing the tormented among us? Are we blind to the pain that is all around us? We need to look with the eyes of Jesus so we can see the tormented suffering souls all around us. And with the Heart of Jesus we will be moved with compassion to lead them to the Master Physician.

Secondly to have the Heart of Jesus we need to feel like Jesus felt. He was moved with compassion. As I studied for this sermon I found where 10 times Jesus was said to have been moved with compassion. He was never moved by pity. Pity is a human emotion but compassion is made up of love and faith both of which comes from Jesus Christ. Pity is not compassion. Pity just makes us feel bad about something. Compassion is what causes us to do something about the situation.

Jesus calls on us to have compassion Matt. 18:33 Shouldest not thou also have had compassion on thy fellowservant, even as I had pity on thee? Just as Jesus had compassion on us He wants us to have compassion. He saw the blind and healed their broken eyes. He saw the lepers and healed their diseased bodies with His touch. He wants us to spread the Gospel to all corners of the world. He wants us to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus saw the lost and was moved with compassion. Out of love Jesus gave His life on the cross so we might be reconciled with God. His compassion not only brings us salvation but it brings us reconciliation with God our Father. Jesus sees the broken hearted and heals their souls with His Gospel message.

Thirdly we need to pray like Jesus prayed in the Garden. His prayer was one of intercession it was not one about me. He prayed for others. He asked God for help, blessing and forgiveness of others. He prayed for those who hated Him. He prayed for those who were His enemies and wanted to kill Him.

Fourthly we need to give what Jesus gives. Jesus gave us and is still giving us His all and we are to give Him our all. He wants us to seek first the Kingdom. Are you seeking the kingdom are you giving your all.

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