Summary: How to know the will or Big Dream God has for the Christians Life.

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What a powerful phrase Dream Big! What does it mean to dream big? Some would say that it is living an ambitious life! Which living ambitious is not wrong, God has plans for each of our lives. SOmetimes we just need a little help finding our way.

(1) God calls us every day so must be still and listen for His call on our lives. Psalms 46:10 The verse shows us that no matter what happens in our lives we still need to know and honor God. Isaiah 6:8 God appears to Isaiah in a vision in the temple and calls Him to preach. God does care where we are, he has a purpose for our lives.

(2) Seek to know God’s will in your live. Matthew 6:33; 7:7,8 The Bible tells us to seek after the Kingdom of God and he will add all things to us that we ask for. The Bible also teaches us that if we ask for anything that God will give it to us. Also if we seek for anything we will find it. Also if we knock on any doors in our lives that the door will be open to us. Here is the concept first we need to ask God what his will for our lives is.

Second we need to seek for the will of God for our lives. Last we need to knock on the doors of opportunity that God places in our lives to grow in the will that God has for our lives. So don’t be afraid when God places a door in your way that you just ignore it and go on your own way because you could be missing out on an opportunity to grow in God’s dream for your life.

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