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Summary: My brothers and my sisters one of the things I’ve learned in team sports is that you do not play the game hoping that you would not lose. But you will play the game with a mind to win. Regardless of what the score might be, you should have in your mind t



Acts 6:8-15

My brothers and my sisters one of the things I’ve learned in team sports is that you do not play the game hoping that you would not lose. But you will play the game with a mind to win. Regardless of what the score might be, you should have in your mind that you can win the game. One of the sad things that professional teams do when the game is crucial is that on defense they put in a prevent defense, and on offense they would try to run the ball to eat up the clock, when actually they should be doing what got them the lead in the first place. Mind you that they should not get careless with the ball, but at least if you have a team on the ropes keep them there. It reminds me of a game against our cross town rivals McKinley Tech. We had over five hundred yards of total offense to their one hundred plus yards. But from the time of possession and the yardage gained, the average fan could have within reason guessed who was winning the game. But you do know that looks can be deceiving, because with a minute left in the game with the score tied up, we went into a ball control offense then a prevent defense to go into overtime. But with 45 seconds in the game Tech marched the ball 60 yard for the winning score and we lost that game 13-6.

Likewise to the casual observer some would feel that the Church of Christ is on the losing end of the battle against sin. They observe that the church in order to compete with the world has to do the things of the world in order to lure unsaved people into the church. It was never God’ intention for the church to compete for sinners because the bible tell us “for whosoever will let him come.” He equipped the church with the most powerful thing on earth and that is the Word of God. Jesus didn’t depend on His miracles to get people saved although it got they’re attention, He depended on His Word. Peter and John didn’t depend on pizza nights, and movies, they depended upon the Word. Paul didn’t depend on hip-hop gospel to lure the Gentiles, he preached Christ. But in today’s church we’ve changed our attire on certain Sundays, the music that prepares our hearts to receive the Word of God is exchanged for music that is marginal Hip-Hop. Some of the preachers has changed their preaching styles, from preaching the Gospel to becoming personal psychologist, and financial planners. And many has lost sight on the fact that the same God that delivered Israel is the same God that can deliver you. And if no one told you lately, you should revisit what the Apostle Paul said in Romans 8:37, that “we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us.” And regardless of what you are going through, you need to realize that you, through Christ is on the winning side.

So let me show you how to know that you are on the winning side.

First of all you will know it when...


Stephen was one of the seven that was chosen to take care of the administrative ministries of the this youthful church. He and the others attended to needs of the Grecian widows. But keep in mind that Stephen was also a disciple that was full of the Holy Ghost. Stephen’ name was not mentioned until this six chapter of Acts and I can only assume that he was one of the hundred and twenty that was in the upper room.

Five synagogues in particular stood up against Stephen. They opposed what he was preaching. There was a strong reason for the Grecian Jews to oppose. They and their forefathers had been forcibly deported out of their homeland and scattered across the world by the Romans. While living in the foreign lands of the world, they had remained faithful to their Jewish religion. The message of Jesus Christ was a threat to them and their religion. For example, Stephen was preaching that... (1) Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God, sacrificed for the sins of the world. Animal sacrifices, therefore, were no longer needed. (2) Jesus Christ is the Mediator between God and man, and man was now to worship God in spirit and truth through Christ and Him alone. And the Grecian Jews through their faithfulness to the religion opposed Jesus as the mediator between God and man because they had that in their preist.

Secondly, you would know that you are on the winning side when...

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