Summary: ahhh!!!! the Pastor said evangilism, quick run. Evangilism is not that scarry, this sermon attempts to explain how to lead someone to christ

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Romans 15:8-13

Getting on the Same Page as God about How to lead someone to Christ


A. You probably looked at the title of today sermon an got scared

B. AHHHHHHH, Evangelism Explosion!!!!!

C. Ahhh, door to door

D. Ahhh, the pastor is going to want me to go to the city and hand out tracks

E. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!!!

F. Wait if I “Go the bathroom” and “forget how to walk back up the stairs” I can escape; now I just have to make my move ready set Now!

G. Hold on

H. As you know I am a simple person

I. I try really hard to make things really easy to understand.

J. I feel that is the most important thing, to explain the Bible in easy to understand, though maybe not easy to accept, ways and apply them to our lives

K. So that is what we are going to do today

L. I do not know where we got this idea that sharing our faith is worse the going to the, no offence Barb, dentist

M. Today we are going to look at the steps to lead someone to Christ

N. We will be keying in on verse 9-12 specifically

a. Live the Life

b. Invite to Watch

c. Praise Go Together

I. Live the Life (9)

A. Explanation

1. The phrase that I want us to key in this verse is among the Gentiles

2. The Jewish community and the Gentiles were literally in the same city

3. We have to understand that there were no such things as Jew only cities or Gentile only communities

4. They were intertwined

5. So when we read I will praise you among the Gentiles

6. We are not talking about going to California and praise God in front of West Coast People

7. We are talking literally about our neighbors

8. The quote from 2 Samuel 22:50 and Psalm 18:49 mentions that “I will praise you among the gentiles and I will sing hymns to your name”

9. Now understand we are not necessarily talking about going outside and singing, but we are talking about the attitude

10. See the writer of those verse is saying hey I am not ashamed, I am willing to let my neighbors know of my love for God

11. I will not try and hide it in the comforts of my house

B. Application

1. Let’s apply this verse to our lives

2. Every action Every Dead that you do is noticed by someone

3. Let people see you praising God

4. Let people see your love for God

5. Now how do you do that?

6. Simple acts of kindness and love,

a) Talk to your neighbor when they tell you what is going on in their life, tell you will be praying for them

b) Let’s just say you are mechanical and your neighbor is less then mechanical, help them work on their car

c) Mow the grass

d) Bake a pie

7. When they ask you why are you being nice, simply respond with a “if you think this is nice, you should see what Jesus did for me!”

8. If your neighbor can not see that you are different something is wrong

9. In this country that we live in we do not have to worry about being thrown into Jail for what we believe in

10. Since we do not have to worry about that we, have no excuse not to let our neighbors know were we stand

C. Illustration

1. You want to know what amazes me sometimes? Mission Trips

2. We will send some people on a Mission trip, and well they are on the mission trip they will tell everyone that they see how much they love Jesus

3. That is a good thing don’t get me wrong

4. But then they get home, and they don’t tell anyone.

5. I know were most if not all of you live and work.

6. You all live and work on a mission field, you are all around people who need to know Jesus

7. Just by living the Life that you are called to live, people will notice

8. People will be curious, then comes step two

II. Invite to Watch (10)

A. Explanation

1. Let’s key in another phrase “with his people”

2. His people are obvious the Jews

3. Now let’s explain what should happen

4. You have be living the life as we just talked about

5. Now you have the “Gentile” curious

6. The “Gentile” knows that you care and because you care they trust you

7. So the next thing you do is simple, ask them to come and “rejoice with his people”

8. Quite simple, invite them here or to some other function

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