Summary: Making this year the best year yet is based upon faith in Christ and asking anything in His name.

Text: John 14:12-14

Title: How to make 2007 the best year yet.


Whenever someone suggests to me how I can make my life better I usually am very skeptical. I ask “Is it true?” I ask “Is it for me?” I ask “Is it doable?”

In our text Jesus answers the skeptic with truth, personal invitation and practical application. In order to make 2007 the best year yet I must only do two things. I must have faith in Christ and secondly I must ask in His name.

If I have faith in Christ I will do the things Jesus did. I will do even greater things and I will go the Father.

If I ask in Christ’s name I will have Jesus do what I ask and I will see Jesus bring glory to the Father.

What does Jesus mean by having faith in him? What does Jesus mean by asking anything in my name? Having faith in Jesus is more than knowing certain historical facts about Jesus. It means to trust Him and steadfastly believe in Him. It is a trust and belief based on His resurrection and Ascension into heaven. Those who have this faith in Him will do the things Jesus did. Faith in Christ is vital for the converting of people to Christ, the performing of miracles and the living out of the Christian life. (See Hebrews 11).

The second condition to making 2007 the best year yet is to ask anything in my name. After first trusting Christ in everything we must go on to tell Christ anything. Asking in Christ’s name is not some formula for success but is rather a reminder to ask along the lines of who Jesus is and what he does. Jesus is not saying he will answer every prayer. Jesus will answer the prayer that brings glory to the Father. Throughout the New Testament we see that the Father is glorified when we bear fruit (John 15:8); complete the work we are given to do (John 17:5); walk in holiness (1 Cor. 6:20); give thanks (Romans 1:21)

Many have faith in Christ but never go on to asking in His name. Therefore we never get to see Christ do for us all of the things he desires to do. Why do we not ask? Pride is one reason. We feel like failures if we don’t do it ourselves. However in our text we see that asking is not failure but a sign of faith. Another reason we do not ask is because of spiritual warfare. The enemy does not want us to ask because it will result in his defeat. Therefore the enemy will keep us busy doing other things.

Are you trusting in Christ today? Have you placed your faith in Him alone? Are you telling Him everything so that He can work it all out to the glory of the Father.

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