Summary: Uses principles from Jarius’ life to raise our children up spiritually.(Father’s Day sermon)

At the peak of His popularity, Jesus began ministering in Capernaum. There He met huge crowds of people pressing in on Him from every side. From among the press, Jarius came to Jesus with an urgent request concerning his daughter. "Come and lay your hands upon her and she shall live."

It is interesting to note that chapter 5 mentions two daughters-Jarius’, and the woman with the issue of blood. Each is a daughter, each has a mention of the number 12, but only one father is mentioned, Jarius. I like to think that there are actually two fathers in this chapter. One is successful,and one is a failure. Jarius leads his daughter to the Messiah, but Israel as a father fails to lead its sons or daughters to the Messiah. Israel as a nation at this time had failed in its resposibility to lead its children to the Messiah. The Messiah was rejected, but this daughter of Zion(woman with the issue of blood) made her own path to the Messiah. Thank God for Godly fathers!

1. Jarius was a leader vs. 22

A. of the Synogogue(Ruler)

B. of his home(he came)

Men should assume their proper roles of leadership both in the House of God as well as in their own homes. Notice that when Jesus entered Jarius’ home he surrendered his leadership to Jesus. This is the

Biblical model of Christian leadership both in Church and at home. Man’s visible role as a spiritual leader has a tangible impact particularly on his own children.

2. Jarius was a worshipper vs.22

A. fell at Jesus’ feet

B. created an atmosphere(for the miraculous)

Jarius assumed the posture of humility and lavished honor upon Jesus. The act of falling at Jesus feet captured the Lord’s attention and drew Him into his predicament. Worship creates an atmosphere in which Jesus can lift us up. Many youth do not remember church meetings, singings, or functions; but the worship of their parents makes an indelible impression upon them.

3. Jarius was a man of prayer vs. 23

A. prayed to Jesus(I pray thee)

B. prayed about his daughter(my little daughter)

Many feel that they must "do" something, yet the weapons of our warfare are not "carnal", or fleshly. We feel like we must "say" something---is that not a fleshly thing? A spiritual battle must be waged with spiritual weaponry. Prayer is such a weapon. Setting a pattern of prayer at home can do what many words cannot do.

4. Jarius was a man of faith vs. 23

A. faith is Jesus(lay thy hands)

B. faith in the miraculous(be healed,shall live)

C. faith in the Word(be not afraid, only believe)

Jarius believed that Jesus could heal his daughter and rebuke the spirit of death from her. Many try to separate Jesus from the miraculous--but how can that be possible? Jesus is the miraculous and faith in Him opens the door to miracles. In spite of the physical evidence before his eyes, Jarius maintained His faith (with a little encouragement from Jesus).

As Jarius maintained his leadership, maintained his worship, maintained his prayer, and maintained his faith, his daughter was raised to new life. Every child is born dead--in trespasses and sins. God has called parents, and especially fathers, to raise them up from death to life.

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