Summary: This message reveals how the Apostle Paul reacted to his ministry being under attack, and why we should do the same.

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Series for Hurting Pastors

"How To React When Your Ministry Is Under Attack"


Many of you have been involved in a study of

the book of 1st Corinthians in your churches, or

will be in the near future, if you are Southern

Baptist, in connection with the Winter Bible Study

emphasis this year.

I have been teaching a course in Seminary

Extension on 1st Corinthians, and God has revealed

some very important things to me, which I want to

share with all of you to whom they might be of help.

I want to deal with how Paul reacted to the

attacks on his person, and ministry, and to try to

help some brother who may be experiencing similar

situations in his own life.

Now I realize that there are some of you who

have never had a bad deacon meeting, or had your

ego deflated by some person or group that opposed

you in your church, but there are many who have,

and you may have to endure that someday as well.

How will you react when you are personally attacked

as Paul was, and have your calling and worthiness

to preach questioned? How will you respond when

you receive threatening mail, or phone calls?

Who will you turn to? Where will you find the help

you need? I believe we can find help, if we ever

face such a situation in same place Paul found it-

in the God he loved and served. Have you been

threatened with a lawsuit, or accused of an immoral

relationship? Have you been told you don’t visit

enough, or preach too long? Criticisms of ministers

are many and varied. The honeymoon doesn’t last

forever. This line of work is not for the weak and

cowardly. Paul was probably the greatest preacher

who ever lived, next to Jesus, in my opinion, and

he faced constant verbal and even physical attacks,

and opposition everywhere he ministered. Well, God

never promised us a rose garden, did He! With all

that ministers have to face, the ministry is still

the greatest calling in the world. I don’t believe

there is any greater thing we can do for our Creator

or our fellow man, than share with them the glorious

Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. How did Paul cope

with all that he faced? Let’s notice some ways.


He knew who he was, and what he was put on this

planet to do.(1st Cor.1:1)

He was placed where he was, with the ministry he

had, by the will of God. So is every other servant

of God. There are no big "I’s" and little "Yous."

Every one in God’s service is his slave, gifted

with certain gifts of the Spirit for the glory of

God, and the building up of His kingdom. No one’s

calling is any less important than anyone else’s.

(1st Cor. 3:5-7). God gives some apostles, some

evangelists, some pastors, some teachers, etc.

for the edifying of His church and the glory of

His great name. We are not in this business to

receive glory for ourselves, but for the Lord.

"Them that honor me, I will honor," says the Lord.

Missionaries, world famous evangelists, Bible

teachers, the deacons of the church, the Sunday

school teachers, even the custodians, all work for

God, and His glory, and EACH WILL BE REWARDED FOR

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David Carpenter

commented on Apr 20, 2007

A great help with several actions to be taken to bring glory to the Lord; Amen

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