Summary: Refresh = To give fresh spirit or vigor, to renew, revive or reinvigorate.

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Refresh Our Hearts In Christ (Philemon 20)

Refresh = To give fresh spirit or vigor, to renew, revive or reinvigorate.

Illustration: Forty thousand fans were on hand in the Oakland stadium when Rickey Henderson tied Lou Brock’s career stolen base record. According to USA Today Lou, who had left baseball in 1979, had followed Henderson’s career and was excited about his success. Realizing that Rickey would set a new record, Brock said, "I’ll be there. Do you think I’m going to miss it now? Rickey did in 12 years what took me 19. He’s amazing."

The real success stories in life are with people who can rejoice in the successes of others. What Lou Brock did in cheering on Rickey Henderson should be a way of life in the family of God. Few circumstances give us a better opportunity to exhibit God’s grace than when someone succeeds and surpasses us in an area of our own strength and reputation.

Our Daily Bread, June 19, 1994.

Barnabas is an excellent example of one who knew how to refresh people in Christ Jesus.

Illustration:Flatter me, and I may not believe you. Criticize me, and I may not like you. Ignore me, and I may not forgive you. Encourage me, and I will not forget you.

William Arthur Ward.

1. Have you ever wondered how to encourage people during discouraging moments? Let us examine how to refresh our hearts in Christ as Barnabas did:

Barnabas was rightly called, the Son of Encouragement because he knew how to inspire people toward greatness. Barnabas is a fine example of a man who knew how to give courage, hope and embolden the hearts of those who really needed help. While others were suspicious of Paul, Barnabas staked his own reputation on the quality of the driven manâs commitment. Barnabas knew how to encourage the church leaders to accept Paul as one of their own.

The encourager knew how to look beyond the surface to the depth of Paul’s love, determination and faith. Trust the Lord to help you to offer emotional, spiritual and social support for those who need encouraging.

Ask God to help you develop a ministry of encouragement to people struggling with discouragement.

Illustration:The Duke of Wellington, the British military leader who defeated Napoleon at Waterloo, was not an easy man to serve under. He was brilliant, demanding, and not one to shower his subordinates with compliments. Yet even Wellington realized that his methods left something to be desired. In his old age a young lady asked him what, if anything, he would do differently if he had his life to live over again. Wellington thought for a moment, then replied. "I’d give more praise," he said.

Bits & Pieces, March 31, 1994, p. 24.

2. Barnabas trusted God for personal encouragement so he could in turn inspire others. Do not think that you can make lasting change in the hearts of people unless your encouragement originates from the power of the Holy Spirit.

Phony encouragement quickly dissipates in the heat of adversity. Barnabas was a man who knew how to draw his courage from the Lord Jesus, His words and His promises. Unless we are consistently involved with drawing from the well of Christ’s living water we will be tempted to encourage ourselves without pure spiritual motivations.

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