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How tragic it is to live life without a real advocate. Everybody needs an intercessor from time to time. A true advocate is a friend, who exerts influence for another. In a court of law, an advocate pleads the case of an accused in terms that seeks a reprieve. More precious words were never spoken than the one's written by John who wrote, "If anybody does sin, we have one who speaks to the Father in our defense - Jesus Christ the Righteous One." (I John 2:1)

How can we fully utilize Christ's ministry of advocacy?

1. An advocate is only effective when their client trusts Him with the truth. It does not make sense to go into court giving half-truths to your lawyer. When we are willing to cast all of our sins, problems and reservations on the Lord, can He properly defend us.

2. An advocate is only effective when the client is willing to face the proper penalties for one's crime.

3. An advocate does not plead our innocence, nor does he deny the charges brought against a breaker of the law. Instead, the advocate pleads for mercy. When we are fully aware of how much we are in need of God's mercy, forgiveness and grace we will appreciate the greatness of our advocate in Christ.

4. An advocate possesses knowledge that the client will never have. When a friend stands as an intercessor to mediate a conflict, they are able to see truth with greater clarity and objectivity.

5. An advocate is not as apt to have their perspectives clouded by subjective emotions.

6. An advocate knows all about the circumstances of the client. When Christ's intercedes for us, He is aware of our weaknesses, inadequacies, and frailties. Jesus brings all of the facts to the table on our behalf.

7. An advocate knows of many cases where clients refused to admit their sin and suffered eternal consequences.

8. Jesus, the heavenly advocate, is aware of millions who have failed to appropriate the free benefits of His service. Consequently, He is more eager to get His clients free because of the disastrous consequences of those who failed to rely on His service.

9. An advocate possesses great compassion for His clients. Much time, energy, and expense goes into the defense of everyone who calls on the name of Jesus. He spares nothing for their escape from the flames of hell.

10. An advocate also performs services of restoration and renewal. With such intimate knowledge of his client, the advocate is in a unique position to counsel each willing heart to consider all of their alternative choices.

11. An advocate is able to bring to bear the benefits learned from millions of case studies. Jesus knows everything about us. He knows everything about every person that has ever lived. Nothing surprises Him or is beyond His level of experience.

12. An advocate presents our case in words and emotions that are beyond human understanding.

13. Jesus represents us with supernatural grace, wisdom and love that makes eternal differences.

14. An advocate is only able to work His wonders for those who truly believe. Sadly, an advocate is not able to undertake the case of those people who are not willing to call on Him for intercession.

15. An advocate is able to bring to bear supernatural powers that are only available to Him. No human is able to access the supernatural resources that are the disposal of Jesus. His thoughts are higher than our thoughts and His ways are beyond our level of understanding.

16. An advocate like Jesus Christ has never lost a single case. We can be assured that when we ask the Lord for His intercessory help that He is able to assure us of victory over all forces.

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