Summary: How to live in victory


“After 7 years of conquest, the Lord gave Israel all the land that He promised to their ancestors, so they settled down. Their enemies quit fighting them because none could stand up to them. The Lord helped them win every battle they fought. They claimed the good promises of God and made them come true” (Joshua 21:43-45, Amplified).

1. Israel had success in all battles she fought (didn’t fight all battles).

2. Israel was encouraged by God for her obedience (a mother encourages her son because he walked, but can’t run yet).

3. Israel had rest because she quit fighting (some rest on their past growth, and quit growing).

4. Israel was victorious, but some enemies were still in the land.

5. Israel had faith in God, because He had helped them in the past.

6. Israel had authority over her enemies, but didn’t eliminate them.

Win A Battle But The War Goes On

? We will never have complete victory, until heaven.

? We will reach many plateaus but we must still grow, and battle.

? We must rest, but not become inactive and quit growing in Christ.

? We can be victorious over the world, the flesh, and the devil; but love will not eliminate them.

? Because our enemy does not actively attack us, does not mean he is dead.

? Every spiritual victory also has new challenges.

7. Most believers never fully claim God’s promises.

8. Peace is not the absence of conflict, but growing in grace as you face the inevitable.

9. Enemies are not people, outward sin or worldly temptation. Our enemy is many times within. “Our attack comes from the world and its power, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life” (1 John 2:16, ELT).


“Joshua told the warriors of the tribe of Reuben, Gad and the half tribe of Manasseh they could go back to their cities and farms. ‘You have obeyed every order, you have not deserted, and you have fought with us 7 years. Now the LORD your God has given us rest, go home to your land that was promised to you by Moses’” (Josh. 22:1-4, ELT).

10. There comes a time in war to send the soldiers home.

11. Leaders must keep their promise.

12. Followers must be recognized for their faithfulness and hard work.


“Joshua told the 2 ½ tribes before they left. Joshua gave them 6 admonitions. Be careful to obey all the commands and laws Moses gave you. Love the Lord you God. Walk in the Lord’s ways. Obey the Lord’s commands. Be faithful to the Lord. Serve the Lord with all your heart” (Josh. 22:5, ELT).

1. They were to obey the law written by Moses, “Take diligent heed” (v. 5).

a. They had to read it.

b. Study to understand.

c. Purpose to do.

2. They were to, “love the Lord” (v. 5).

a. Live close to the one you love.

b. Seek to please.

c. Give yourself (yield) to the one you love.

d. Protect the one you love.

3. They were to, “ walk in all the Lord’s way” (v.5, ELT).

a. To know.

b. To apply.

c. To follow His example.

4. They were to obey the Lord. “Keep His commandments” (v. 5).

a. More than written command.

b. To obey is to please God.

5. They were to be faithful to the Lord, “Cleave unto the Lord” (v. 5).

a. Involves following the Lord.

b. Going the extra mile.

c. Keeping motives pure.

6. They were to; “Serve the Lord with all your heart” (v. 5).

a. Serve in tithes and offerings.

b. Serve in good works to others.

c. Serve in worship.

If you have never really accepted Jesus as your personal Savior, would you do it right now? Do not delay or put it off. If you would like to receive Christ by faith, pray this simple prayer in your heart:

Dear Lord, I acknowledge that I am a sinner. I believe Jesus died for my sins on the cross, and rose again the third day. I repent of my sins. By faith I receive the Lord Jesus as my Savior. You promised to save me, and I believe You, because You are God and cannot lie. I believe right now that the Lord Jesus is my personal Savior, and that all my sins are forgiven through His precious blood. I thank You, dear Lord, for saving me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

If you prayed that prayer, God heard you and saved you. I personally want to welcome you to the family of God and rejoice with you.

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