Summary: How important is it to get the Gospel out? Is it important enough to use every available means? Join Pastor Steve as he shares how God led him into a radio ministry.

Other Ministry Opportunities

Three months into this ministry we saw the need to check into building a web page on the Internet. Since I already had experience with the Internet, I began exploring our options. I found several sites promoting domain name purchasing. After learning what was involved in having a domain name, I then began the process of securing our name on the Internet. Because of availability we were able to secure through This would cost us $35.00 per year and provide a 10 meg web space. Once we completed the necessary requirements we were able to use Microsoft Publisher 2000 to produce our first web page for our radio ministry. Since the web pages inception, there has been less than 200 visits to the page. We linked the page to our churches web page and have enjoyed the exposure that has been generated from there as well.


I don’t know what God has in store for you with radio. All I know is that you want to seek His direction no matter what you do. If God decides to give you an opportunity to be in radio, he will supply the wisdom and resources that you need for this ministry. In the meantime pray. Search your heart. Make sure your desire for radio is a pure. Do not pursue radio if you desire a name for yourself. Only pursue radio if you desire to make Him know to those who do not know Him. My prayer is that you will spend the necessary time pursuing the depth of your ministry and let God take care of the breadth.

(c)(p) 2001 Steve Hereford

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