Summary: Hanah had problem: She needed a Son. God had a problem: He needed a Priest. When we pray, we need to make the solution to our problem, God’s solution to his problem...

Title: “How to Stop your Losing Streak?”

Text: Please read 1 Samuel Chapter One.

1 Samuel 1:2 “…but Hannah had no children.”

This is the story of a praying mother. Prayer changes things. At the beginning of this chapter, Hannah considers herself a loser. Before the chapter is over, she is rejoicing in victory. Through prayer, God can change your losing streak!

1. Hannah has a problem.

Hannah was living in a dysfunctional family. Elkanah had two wives. In today’s culture, men have polygamous affairs, only, they refer to their other wives as “X wives.” God would call them “former wives.”

So many of the people of our Churches today come from people who have broken lives, and broken homes.

The other wife of Elkanah, Pinninah, had blest her husband with several children. Hannah had none, and she was miserable. She considers herself a loser and it can be seen in her countenance. She is an unhappy camper.

2. God is aware of Hannah’s problem.

It is God who has closed up the womb of Hannah. He knows that she is unhappy. He knows of her sorrow.

You need to know that God knows what you are going through. Your situation does not take God by surprise. He is the architect of your life.

3. God has a problem.

God needed a holy priest to serve in the Temple. The sons of Eli were serving in the Temple as the priest. They lived wicked lives. Their sinful deeds were known throughout the land of Israel. The People began to abhor the Tabernacle worship services because of them.

4. Hannah is aware of God’s problem.

As you read this chapter of the Bible, you will find, Hannah at the altar in prayer. Eli is sitting off to side. I can only imagine that Hannah must have had to pass by his wicked sons on the way in to the Church that morning!

5. Hannah makes her problem, God’s solution.

This is the heart of the message! God needed a priest. Hannah needed a son. As Hannah prays, she promises to give her son to God as a holy priest in the service of the Lord. She makes her problem, God’s solution!

God has a problem today. It is not his “will that any should perish.” God needs someone to win the lost to him. The way of salvation has been paved by the blood of the cross. God needs someone to proclaim this good news of salvation.

And that is where we fit in! We must learn to get on the same page with God. That is what prayer is all about. When we find ourselves praying for what God is praying for, we will soon find ourselves on a winning streak!

Let me illustrate: You might say something like this to God, “God, I need some money, so that I can buy a car, so that I can pick up boys and girls to that need a ride to Church on Sunday, so, God, could you please help me to get a job!”

Sometimes, I get the impression that most people think of their lives as being one long and peaceful vacation. And that prayer is like calling the front desk of a beautiful motel. If they need something, so that they might be more comfortable in their penthouse suite, they simply call the front desk for the bell boy to bring them up some “special dish on the menu,” or “more towels, please.”

God wants us to see ourselves on the front line of a military campaign. There is an enemy to fight, and there is a battle to win. It is a battle over the souls of men. Prayer is likened unto to the soldier who is pinned down in a fox hole, and he has his walkie talkie turned on, begging the heaven’s for air support!


Hannah would have her child. God would have his priest. His name was “Samuel.”

The name Samuel means, “God has heard and answered my prayer!”

We now have a Win Win situation. With God on our side, we cannot lose!

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