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Summary: Israel and New Breed released a track called New Season in 2001, it’s still sung in churches. It’s truly a great song and quite timeless in that there is in fact always a new season on the horizon. But how do we actually walk into that season?

Israel and New Breed released a track called New Season in 2001, it’s still sung in churches on Sunday mornings throughout America. It’s truly a great song and quite timeless in that there is in fact always a new season on the horizon. But how do we actually walk into that season?

What should we do when want that new season? There are three options:

1. Wait for it to happen

2. Take from another's season

3. Make it happen

Wait for it...

The Psalmist proclaims, "Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord" (Ps. 27:14). This can backfire on you however. Remember the man in Jesus' Parable of the Talents? That guy took the talent, hid it in the ground and then talked smack to his master (Matthew 25:14-30). This is the condition of the heart I see so often. People say, "I'm waiting on God out of faith." When really they're "hiding from life out of fear!"

We have to find the right balance and gain instructions from God. If you're always telling God to hurry up and answer you...there is room for the growth of patience (Ps. 143:7). If God told you go for it and you're like "Nah I'm good. You do it for me and put in my lap. Then clean up this love life of mine when you're done with that." Then you won't ever have anything, just that poor fellow who lost his talent. So feel free to wait on the Lord, especially if that's what He is leading you to do. But get a move on if "Be Still" is not what He told you.

Take It From Another's Season

When the northern hemisphere is in its winter seasons, the southern hemisphere is in its summer. This is why your local grocery stores are shipping in tomatoes during the winter from Chile. That's the same idea the widow with only a jar of oil had (I Kings 4). Even though God was blessing her to never run out of oil. She had no capacity with which to profit from this supernatural increase. She had to borrow to complete the blessing God had given. Walking into her new season meant borrowing the capacity from another's season. The widow sold her oil to people who had the money to buy the oil. Not everyone is going through what you are going through at the same time you're going through it. You might have to look beyond your hemisphere, but you can find someone in a different season than you are experiencing yourself and use that via God's wisdom and Diving inspiration to experience a change of season your current situation.

Make It Happen

Absalom wanted a change. He was ready to rule and reign on his father's throne. He was ready for a new season. We all get like Absalom. We all see the idiocy, the hypocrisy and sloth of our leaders, those who have more opportunity than us and those around us who are blessed but don't have any sense of responsibility or accountability.

There is a balance to this. Absalom knew he could be king, but he used underhanded means, manipulated, gained favor, and took leadership when it wasn't his. If someone is interested in how to stage a coup d'état, they should read up on Absalom’s Treason. It was textbook treason. You see you have the ability to make things happen on your own, but sometimes those are things you should not do. Knowing how to run a corner store and make a profit and making that happen is fine. Saying you can take those same principle and open a cannabis shop here in Denver, CO is wrong (Habakkuk 2:15).

Going out to pursue your future success now and achieving it by hurting others is never the route to take. Absalom learned the hard way, he died and his father continued to reign. If it's truly yours wait upon the Lord to give it to you the right way. You shouldn't need to steal anybody's man--ever! Wait on the Lord, you'll probably mess around and make something WRONG happen.

Making it happen the right way is easy.

The LORD put an "S" on Jonathan's chest when he and his assistant defeated nearly 20 men on their own within half an acre of land, as the two men raided an enemy army base alone (I Samuel 14). It was truly amazing, he waited only for a simple sign, the enemy had to ask them to come up and fight and why wouldn't they? There was an army of them, the men had to climb up the hill to their encampment on their hands and knees. It was well within the line of reason that the enemy would request them to come up so that they could "show" them "something" (I Samuel 14:12). Some of us need to make something happen, but we are asking God for fear signs and instead of faith signs...that's another letter however. When you make it happen, God has to be active on our behalf. Having a relationship with God is the key to God taking active steps in our lives. Jonathan submitted the situation to God before he Made It Happen. God confirmed His will and then Jonathan acted.

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