Summary: Learn to witness effectively to Mormons.


Since we all know that the structure of our church will be elder rule with a plurality of elders, I thought that we would skip that lesson and talk today about how to share Christ with the Mormons. We are going to talk

about how to witness to Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses (on a different date) because they both send people to our homes for us to share Christ with them. By the time we are done today, you will know more about the The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints than you would ever want to know. You will be equipped to share Christ with them by showing them in the Word of God where they are not following the true gospel of Jesus

Christ. In this sermon, I will point out several verses for you to share with them, and I would suggest that you take a Bible that you want to give away and write the verses in order on the cover with the page numbers and then highlight the verses on the pages. At the bottom of each page, you also will put the next page number. This way, you can hand them a Bible that will

take them through the Scriptures and show them the true Jesus of the Bible.

A Brief History of the Mormon Church

1805 Joseph Smith, founder of Mormonism is born in Vermont.

1820 During his first prayer, Joseph Smith reportedly has his first Vision of God the Father and Jesus who tells him that all other religions and denominations are wrong.

1827 Angel Moroni gives Smith the golden Plates which will become the Book of Mormon.

1832 Smith prophesies that there will be a Mormon temple built in Independence, Jackson Country, Missouri. This is a false prophesy. Smith also says he received his first vision in his 16th year of life.

1834 Smith writes that he received his first vision in the 15th year of his life.

1835 Smith says that he was mistaken that the first vision was in the 17th year of his life. Later this year in his diary he says he was 14.

1838 Smith receives a vision to send David W Patton on a mission next spring with 12 other Mormon missionaries, but Patton dies first. Mormon church denies polygamy. Church is named The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints.

1843 Church officially recognizes polygamy.

1844 Smith preaches, “God himself was once as we are now, and we may become as he is.” This is not an exact quote. Smith’s quote is worse. Smith teaches that there are 3 gods. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

1845 Brigham Young teaches on blood atonement that people may atone for their own sins by shedding their own blood (suicide).

1847 Brigham Young becomes 2nd prophet of the Mormon church.

1851 Young teaches blacks are cursed and cannot enter heaven.

1852 Young teaches that God and Adam are the same man.

1854 Young teaches that the wedding at Cana was Jesus’ wedding and that Jesus had many wives and children.

1866 Young states that only through polygamy can a person become a god.

1870 Young says that the sun is inhabited.

1890 Wilford Woodruff, the 4th Mormon prophet disavows polygamy.

1912 Mormon church renounces Young’s God-Adam teaching.

1947 Church has 1 million members.

1958 Bruce R McConkie states that “negroes are not equal with other races.”

1960 Spencer Kimball (Mormon apostle) states that Indian peoples are becoming “white and delightsome”. Later this is changed to “pure and delightsome” in the Mormon documents.

1969 Kimball teaches that man must be perfect before he can become a god.

1971 Church membership to 3 million.

1978 Church membership to 4 million.

1979 Church reverses it’s stands on blacks in the priesthood.

1982 McConkie states that gaining a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is “both improper and perilous.”

1989 Membership reaches 7 million.

1996 Membership at 9.3 million.

Highlights of Mormon Doctrine

1. God was a man who lived on earth as we do and became god by perfect obedience. We too can become gods by obedience.

2. God does not have the ability to create out of nothing. He can only rearrange matter and energy.

3. Jesus and Lucifer are spirit children of Jehovah and fought to see who would become the redeemer and who would be the adversary. Jesus is one of 3 gods.

4. A man must call out his wife by her spirit name or she will not go to heaven. They will spend eternity filling planets with spirit children.

5. The only people who go to hell are Mormons who become apostate.

Scriptural Teachings Against Mormon Doctrine

1. God was never a man. He is eternal and unchanging.

Numbers 23:19

1 Samuel 15:29

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