Summary: What should a christian act like? How are we to be different in the world, and what does God expect?

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Romans 13:1-14

Getting on The Same Page as God about How We Should Act


A. When your growing up it seems like everybody is trying to teach you how to act

B. Your parents, your teacher, your Sunday School teacher, your boss at your first job, your professors at college, every were you go people want to tell you what to do and what to say

C. However, the question that I want to know, and I hope it is the question that you want to know, is how does God want me to act?

D. What does God expect of me?

E. I¡¦m I suppose to be a some sort of radical political activist? I am supposed to be a doormat? I am supposed to let someone else do whatever he or she want? I am supposed to wear just one uniform?

F. How should we act?

G. Today we are going to take a look at the Behavior God expects

H. We are going to look at how we should act in

a. Politics

b. In Privacy

c. In Public

I. (1-7) Politics

A. Explanation

1. God is Sovereign, He knows all and is in control of all, nothing has ever happened that God did not know was going to happen

2. God has established all forms of government

3. Therefore, to rebels against the authority of the government is rebelling against God

4. If there was no authority, no government, there would be absolute anarchy

5. I am sorry to say that anarchy would not be good for anyone, there would be no standard of behavior, it is impossible to remain at and anarchy state

6. Therefore we have various forms of government, we have people who are in authority over us

7. Now if we refuse to follow the authority, look at 2nd part of verse 4, ¡§He is God¡¦s servant, and agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer¡¨

8. Starting with verse 6 Paul talks about everyone¡¦s favorite subject, taxes

9. Note what Paul says here, we are to pay taxes, tolls, and everything that we are told to pay

10. We have the authorities which are God¡¦s servants according to verse 6 giver their full time to governing,

11. They should be pay, by us, the tax payer

12. It does not say, it would be nice to pay them, it says it is due to them

B. Application

1. Let¡¦s apply all of this to our lives

2. Government is needed

3. There is not way that we would be able to have roads, phones, water, sewer, electricity, security, protection, without a government

4. Now there will be times when the government makes a decision that you do not agree with, I guarantee it

5. When that happens, you do have a right to express your disagreement, you do have a right to say you think something is wrong

6. However, you do not have any right to bomb an abortion clinic, you do not have a right to start a violent rebellion.

7. Daily we should be in prayer for our leaders of this country, we should be praying that God will give them the courage to make the right choices, that God will change their hearts if their hearts need to be changed.

8. If we are going to live in this country, we enjoy certain privileges this privileges are not free

9. Someone has to pay for the roads, someone has to pay for the police and fire department, someone has to pay for the court system

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