Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Second sermon in a series of nine.



I Peter 3:1-12

V2 – chaste – virtuous, free from obscurity or impure thoughts. Respectful – regarding in high estimation or honor.

V4 – hidden person of the heart

Ephesians 5:22,25, 33

God wants the best for you.

God’s plan of marriage; God’s wants you to have the best marriage. Wives who do not have Christian husbands, can win them to Christ by doing the Word. Husbands can win his wife to Christ by doing the Word.

Build your house (marriage) on the Word (the rock).

Eph 5:24 Wife’s model

How the church treats Jesus is how the wife is to treat her husband.

Eph 5:25 Husband’s model (plan of God)

How Christ treats the church is how the husband is to treat his wife.

5 Ways Husbands are to Love Their Wife

1. Protect her from evil

2. Provide for her

3. Praise her

4. Pray for her

5. Proclaim the Word over her

Eph 5:21 – subject one to another

Husband submits to the wife as head of the house. Wife submits to the husband as spiritual head of her life. Each benefits from each other’s anointing. When you submit to each other, you submit to the authority in their life and vice versa. Which results rebellion shut out of the relationship. The hearts are turned to each other. Rebellion has to flee in the presence of submission.

I Peter 3:7 0 heirs together of the grace of life…

Together – each do our part … I’m not trying to do the other’s part – I’m not going to dominate the other grace – unmerited favor of God.

Abuse is not to be apart of the equation. Heirs together = a team effort.

V6 Sarah obeyed Abraham calling him, Lord (it’s an attitude of the heart).

Ex. Shirley Craig about Neil.

Try to outdo each other with love

My full attention is to be upon my responsibility

Demanding my rights is selfish and takes over the other’s position

Rom 5:1-5 Christ’s love is selfless. You may feel like you can’t

Phil 4:13 I can do all things… Allow the Word of God to activate the anointing in your relationship. Diane and I realized that I need to stop trying to change my wife and let God do the work.

I Pet 3:7 … that your prayers may not be hindered. Do the Word – God honors it, apply the knowledge.

Gen 2:14 they shall become one flesh, divorce is division. There are some because of circumstances were forced into divorce.

God will make it up to you.

Only the Word can heal the trauma of divorce

Jer. 7:23, 24 God wants you to go forward.

God wanted Israel in the Promised land.

Immediately – but it took them 40 years.

Is 54:17 God wants you to experience this in your marriage. “You shall (condemn) declare null & void” Every weapon formed against us … to die, not prosper.

3 Categories of weapons of the devil

1. To steal

2. To kill

3. To destroy

How do we overcome?

Rev 12:11 Blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony

Is 54:17 Every tongue

Phil 2:10, 11 Every tongue

3 Tongues (weapons)

1. In heaven – God speaks good (Jer 29:11)

2. In hell – no need to worry (Matt 28:18; Col 2:13-15)

I stand upon the Rock (Jesus) and satan is under the Rock. Satan can’t effect; no weapon formed against me (tongue).

3. In earth – my tongue speak against God’s word. If you are one, if you criticize her, you criticize yourself.

II Cor 2:10, 11 – forgiveness is not a feeling but a decision

Mk 11:23-26 – forgive. Unforgiveness turns into bitterness. Bitterness defiles the person. Turn your tongue against the devil. Don’t talk against your mate, don’t talk against God, don’t talk against your neighbor, don’t talk against your human enemy.

With your tongue – declare God’s word – build up

Ps 64:3 Bitter words

II Tim 2:24,26

Col 3:1-3 Set your affection …

Phil 4:8 Think on these things …

Jude 20 Build yourself up

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