Summary: Hypocrisy. A work we like to use on everyone but our selves. This sermon takes a look at hyposcrisy.

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Romans 2:1-16

Getting on the same Page as God about Hypocrisy


A. I admit I am still young. But I have learned a few things along the way

B. You know what I have come to value the most

C. An honest answer

D. The one time when I was counseling I asked my guys were they stood as far as their relationship with the Lord is concerned

E. I was getting the pretty good I could be better, but not bad

F. You know the typical answer

G. Until I got to the one kid

H. He told me flat out I have not relationship with God, I don’t want one, and I am here because my Mom is making me, and wearing this Christian T-shirt to make it look good, but other then that I want nothing to do with God

I. I was shocked. It was so honest.

J. But hear is the sad reality of the situation was he was not the only one feeling that way. In fact there were several others in my group in the same boat

K. We call those people hypocrites

L. This portion of Paul’s letter deal with hypocrisy

M. Today was are going to look at what the Hypocrite and see

a. Who He Is

b. How he will be Judged

I. The Hypocrite: Who He Is (2:1-6)

A. What He Feels

1. Explanation

a) Often when we think about sin we do not like to include our self

b) We do not like to think that we are the ones in need of salvation

c) The moment we begin to think that we realize we are wrong

2. Illustration

a) King David. Slept with Bathsheba, try to cover up, had the guy killed, married Bathsheba and all was good right?

b) Well along came Nathan and Nathan told a story and David said that was wrong

c) And then Nathan pointed out that is what David did

3. Application

a) The moment we start thinking we are better then someone else

b) The moment we begin to start passing judgment on other people

c) We become the Hypocrite.

B. What He Finds

1. Explanation

a) When we look at verse three and four we get a reality check

b) We see people in this world and we say “The Lord needs to Judge them”

c) Look what they are doing, it is despicable. I can’t wait till God Judges them.

d) Little do we realize that we too we be judged

2. Illustration

a) Turn to Luke 18:10-14

b) The Pharisee says I am doing good, no sin here God, and also makes sure that everyone knows he is doing good

c) The tax collector says quietly, I Need your Mercy

d) Look what the Bible says who will be Justified = Just as if I never sinned

3. Application

a) Sin will find you, you can try and cover it up any way you want

b) But sin will find you

c) The moment you think that you can hind your sin

d) You Become a Hypocrite

C. What He Faces

1. Explanation

a) The hypocrite does not have much to look forward to

b) Look at verse 5and 6

c) The hypocrite has been busy accusing every one of living a worse life then he is

d) However, what he fails to realize is that he too will face judgment

e) Because of his attitude towards others he has become stubborn

f) And has not repented (“he does not need to repent he is perfect compared to the other”)

g) Now the hypocrite not only faces judgment on the sins that he has

(1) Of which we all sin

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