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I ain’t scared!!!

Let’s all take a trip back in time. Some of you need to get a head start. Think back to when you were 18 or 19 years old. You have not a care in the world and not afraid of anything. Your buddy’s would dare you to do something and you would do it because you “ain’t scared.” We were all 10 feet tall and bullet proof. When I was much younger BMX was all the rage. The kids in the neighborhood would all get together and build ramps. Guys we would build them high now…We would jump em and never think twice…why?? Cause we ain’t scared!!!! Now I’m sure some of us in our younger days were pretty scrappy too. You know never back down from a fight…why cause u ain’t scared…But you know what today this morning right here the church is full of scaredy cats…this church is full of fear. This church is has people trembling in their knees…Why they are scared. Scared they will have to tell someone about JESUS!!! Scared they will have to get out of their comfort zone…their ill box…you know that ill place I love so much… comfy and warm...safe and secure…

Mark 1: 14-20 (prayer)

These are the first that Jesus calls. These men left everything they had to follow him. I know I have talked about this before. But they walked away from their lives and followed Christ. But listen to me here. These men didn’t have the privilege to have grown up with Jesus. These men didn’t have VBS. These men didn’t hear about the Christmas story. Or have churches like ours in their neighborhoods. They had no clue who he was or much less about what they were getting themselves into. They didn’t realize he was the Messiah. But what they realized was something was different about this man. The sound in his voice. But what they came to realize was this was THE TRUE KING!!

Did these men jump completely out of the box? What did they see in him that caused them to be radical? To be bold. To be obedient to God. To follow Jesus all the way to Calvary. To follow him till their death. It’s not a glamorous life being a disciple of Christ. In those times it was down right dangerous. But they chose to follow him. They chose to be on this adventure. They had free will to do what ever they wanted. Yet they chose to follow Jesus. To stand up for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. WHY?!? They knew Jesus was the TRUTH!! They knew Jesus was Gods son. They knew Jesus the savior. They wouldn’t have laid their own necks on the line if they thought he was a fake or a phony. They were not scared!!!They were not afraid of standing up for Christ. They were not ashamed of the love of Jesus Christ. You see that’s the problem with us today. We don’t want too. We are scared of stepping out on faith. We don’t want to get out of our lil box. These men were willing to die for the Gospel of Christ but we cant share with our neighbor because we are scared we are gonna offend someone. To call them out and tell them about the life they are leading. We are to busy with our church life……… “The longer a church has been in existence, the more its resources go toward its own preservation rather than toward outreach and evangelism. Our tendency is to design ministries that meet our own needs as opposed to the needs of those who have not yet entered the kingdom." - Alan Nelson.

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