Summary: An encouraging and assuaring sermon .In the Christian walk there are trials, temptations, tribulations, challenges and painful momements but we need to walk on.This we need to know so that we dont back off when Storm rises.

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“And there arose a great storm of wind, and the waves beat into the ship, so that it was now full.” mark 4:37

Storms will rise!

Friction is necessary for motion. Without it there way will be slippery. The Newton’s third law of motion says “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” When you say I moving forward there will be something saying you move backwards, when saying this there is always a reaction saying that. As you are crossing over to the other side storms will rise. This should not discourage you. Continue to say I am crossing over to the other side storms or no storms. Cross over!

When you are doing something meaningful expect serious opposition. Storms will not just rise against directionless motion. The time you say now I have made my mind and I am going for it, storms will rise. When the Israelites were leaving Egypt and they had made their luggage full with right things the Red sea was waiting. Just when they start for the journey Pharaoh and all his armies started coming fiercely. When David killed Goliath and Israel was now hoping to cross from fear to peace Saul rose against David. When Elijah had made a serious showdown on Mount Carmel killing four hundred prophets of Baal Jezebel fiercely rose against him until Elijah prayed to die. When Paul had started crossing over from persecuting the church to preaching the word of God the council and rulers of his time rose seriously against him. The journey to the other side will have some storms rising. You will face storms but don’t worry you will make it.

The bible in the book of Isaiah tells us that if the enemy comes like a flood the spirit of the Lord will lift the standard. This tells me that the enemy comes especially when you are moving against his will. Problems will start to rise just when you think of doing something right. I remember when I was born again by that time I faced serious challenges. My parents and relatives could not approve of my decision. They sat down to discuss me. I wondered why all that opposition had come from. The journey to the other side needs courage, faith in God and holy seriousness. It needs you to be deaf to the voices of opposition and blind to the actions of the storms. Certainly storms will rise. This route is a storms filled path. It’s a narrow path and full of thorns but they will not stop a serious, determined and desirous mind. Once you have planned to make it you will pass through the storms unharmed.

It doesn’t matter what you want to do there will always be a storm rising against it. The storm that rose in the scripture above was not an ordinary storm. It was a great storm of wind and waves .When you hear the bible saying it was great then it was. The bible does not exaggerate or understate it will say just what it was. This was a great storm that was enough to stop these fellows from crossing over. The water had now come into the ship and it was now full. I believe they were almost sinking. This is the time were many people will start to mock God and complains. This is when you hear many people saying I have tried my best but I think this is the will of God. Many people die here ,some go to herbalist, some to false prophets, some stop going to church, some stop their marriage, some quit their goals and give up. The ship was now full and the wind and waves were still beating against the ship. Storms will rise my friend. The journey to the other side has storms. Storms will definitely rise but don’t worry you will overcome. Remember in your luggage you have Jesus, faith etc.

I am crossing over to the other side of my life, I have broken all the natural and common barriers, I have right sized my luggage and I know for sure storms will rise , So when storms rise that will not surprise me. That will not shake me a bit. That will not stop me from crossing over. I will definitely cross over even though storms rise. I will make it to the end. Storms or no storms you will cross over!

Watch out of the forth series ‘Awake the master!’

God bless you!

Written by Raphiel Manenge 03/08/05;

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