Summary: A sermon on FAITH (=Fighting Against Impossibilities Through Hope)and not FEAR (=False Evidence Appearing Real).No matter what happens faith is the way to go.Faith in Jesus Christ,Faith in The Heavenly Father and His Word.

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“And he said unto them, Why are ye so fearful? how is it that ye have no faith?.” mark 4:40

Faith not fears!

You are what you are today because of fear. The man and women who stood against fear have become heroes and heroines of faith. Statistics shows that at least 98% of what is feared never happens. Fear is the greatest enemy and thief of man people. All mistakes and fatal blunders are made under the influence of fear. Nothing good has ever been achieved by fear. If you stop fearing and start faith you will cross over. If you stop fearing you will act on all your plans and succeed. The reason you have brilliant ideas, plans and desires and fail to act on them is because you are so afraid. The reason why you are full of ‘BUT’ shows that fear resides in you. Faith not fears is needed to cross over.

It is well known but never understood that fear is an acronym of False Evidence Appearing Real. I then thought faith as an acronym of as Fighting/Firing Against Impossibilities Through Hope. The mind is a fantastic gift. It has creative power. It is however a tragedy that this creative power is used against ourselves. Instead of working for us, we are busy destroying ourselves. We are able to create a perfect plan of how we can be harmed, killed and finished and start to live as if we are finished already. Rarely do we create visions of life, victory and conquering and start to live as such. We need to stop fearing and start to have faith. Things we fear are just but our own imaginations. If we can feel our fear we can also feel our faith. If we fear and live in fear we can also have faith and live in victory.

The bible never promises life free from storms, problems, attacks or so forth. What it promises us is that we will overcome. When storms rise don’t worry you will overcome. Why waste time, life and your creative power thinking of fear. Have faith and use it. You have been in this kind of life for too long. You grew up fearing, lived in fear and now you are almost dying because of fear. You have to be serious and start to exercise your faith. You need to continuously fight or fire against all your fears through the hope of overcoming. Victory is guaranteed. You need to cross over. It is not by fear that you draw God’s attention. The prayer of fear is powerless and waste of time. The bible says without FAITH (i.e. with FEAR) it is impossible to please God.

Why are you so fearful? Jesus wondered why the disciples were so fearful when they had the Master. How is it that they had no faith? It’s sad that many born again Christians are so fearful. How could that be possible when the bible says you have power over all things, situations, authorities, dominions, strongholds and so forth? In other words Jesus’ questions was saying its not possible for you to fear and there is no way you guys should lack faith. How is that you have no faith? The problem with those disciples is the same with many today. They want to use academics and reasoning in solving and dealing with storms of life. Life is not a subject or discipline taught at any university. Management, Economics, Accounting are human thought and taught subjects. These are Authored by human beings thus they have human origin and are understood at the human fleshly level. This is not true with life. The bible tells us that Jesus is the Author of life. When you want to know much about life ask the Author Jesus Christ other ways does not help. Jesus is the Master of everything seen and unseen.

In the journey to crossing over you need faith. You need to fight against what eyes may see as impossible. You need to declare the impossible with much easiness; you need to say I am well when nothing visible is well; you need to say I will make it even though people are seeing you falling down. You are not fear driven but faith driven. You need to be biased towards victory. You really need to be very unfair to fear and favor faith. You have to say with the Master Jesus I am crossing over. It doesn’t matter that you are feeling very low, you are bed ridden and so forth don’t fear. There are 365 Fear NOT statement in the bible. Each day as you wake up God is saying fear not. Your life has to change, you have been miserable for too long my friend. Break that fear cage and walk free in faith. You are afraid of everything people, insects, animals, witches, devils, death, failure, poverty, suffering and so forth. STOP FEARING, STOP FEARING, STOP FEARING and have FAITH.

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