Summary: An encouragement to live according to your calling.Living as an athlete focusing your eyes on Jesus and not other’s peoples tracks.Being different and original as you are created by God.Not being a copycat,fake .Being incomparable & effectively unique.

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“And they feared exceedingly, and said one to another, What manner of man is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?” Mark 4:41

Be incomparable!

All things are different. We may see similarities but they are different. The fingerprints on your fingers are not comparable to anyone. The eyeball, pitch of your voice is just unique to no one else but yourself. God in His infinity wisdom has done it for a purpose. Being a child of The Unique, Ultimate, Incomparable God you too must be incomparable. The way you do things, pray, worship God, praise God and live your life have to be unique. People should be able to say what manner of person is this to the Glory of God. You are almost over to the other side. Just be incomparable.

I remember when I was born again I said God I want to be an exemplary of good works and people should see and learn good things from me .God is faithful since that time to date many people have been blessed . Glory is to God. You have to be incomparable. You don’t have to just anybody else. God is not an ordinary God. He is the MIGHTY, ONLY ONE, I AM WHAT I AM; THE SOVEREIGNTY ONE.A careful analysis of these words will show you that God is incomparable. Being A God of Uniqueness we also have to be different. The reason why you are YOU is that you become different. It doesn’t matter that others are not progressing leave them and progress. It doesn’t matter what the majority, crowd are saying you are not the majority neither are you the crowd. Be incomparable in great works, be incomparable in great faith, be incomparable in love, be incomparable in hope, be incomparable in speech, and be incomparable in everything.

So many people are not living their lives. They are living up to the expectations of some other people. You cannot cross over if your life is like that. Some are what they are because their parents, friends, environment wanted them to be like that. You are unique my friend. Pray that you live the life God wants you to live. You are not created to be another Jesus, Paul, or any other person. We emulate good things from great people and employ them in our OWN lives. The problem with our world today is of people who imitate people who photocopy people who are fake. Be yourself! We have a serious shortage of genuine materials even human beings. People want to be live, dress, eat, walk and talk like so and so. It’s not wrong to emulate but it’s wrong to live someone’s life .You as YOURSLEF have a great task to accomplish. Be yourself and be incomparable.

Noah was incomparable. The bible says when the whole nation had stopped living in the fear and reverence of God only Noah was able to do that. Abraham because of his faith in God at old age and to sacrifice his only son he becomes incomparable even today. Joseph through a serious devotion to God and passion to see his dreams fulfilled become incomparable .Saul was incomparable even though he later on failed God. The bible says he was head taller than others. David even though he was a ruddy boy he become incomparable in battlefield and throne. Samson too was incomparable in wisdom. Isaiah, Joshua, Caleb, Amos, Job, John the Baptist, Paul, Peter and many fathers of great acts of faith were incomparable .Ruth, Esther, Deborah, Miriam were incomparable women of faith. These fellows lived their lives. They didn’t live someone else’s life.

The journey to the other side doesn’t need copycats. This journey is for the bold, courageous, people of difference. You have to be incomparable in what you say and how you say. You need to be incomparable in what you think .The quality of words, actions and desires you have. You don’t have to be like anybody else. You are unique before God. You don’t have to fear, procrastinate, complain, and waste time on useless business. You have to be focused with your hope on Jesus Christ the author and perfector of our faith.

In the first series we learnt of breaking natural and common barriers of life, then to right size our luggage by having the necessary only and Jesus in our lives. Third series we discovered that storms will rise and need not to fear, then we learnt that we need to awake the Master Jesus to help. In the fifth series we saw that all things can hear if we speak in faith. We discovered that we have great power in our mouths and that we need to speak life and excellence. While in the sixth series we learn that it’s by faith not fears that we act and live. Lastly in this series after all these discoveries we have to be incomparable. We can’t afford to remain the same again. We can’t afford to be just like anyone else. There is something that should be identified with you. You don’t have to just live and die like Methuselah who lived 969years but have nothing significant he did. The only thing about him is that he is the longest living person ever on earth. You have to be incomparable my friend.

God bless you!

Written by Raphiel Manenge 11/08/05;

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