Summary: I am no longer there. Matt. 28: 1-6 04/3/2011 Dr. A. Howard God is going to speak to you! God will use somebody today. We are going to talk about the 11th hour resurrection. There are 3 types of resurrection recorded in the Bible.

One is called spiritual resurrection that is about regeneration of your spirit man. Bible says: for all have sinned and fall short.....when Adam sinned, he fell off from God and become spiritually dead.

By being born again you experience what 1 call spiritual resurrection.

The other kind of resurrection is what I call Material resurrection of the physical body, that which will take place during rapture when Jesus will appear in the sky and when all’ll be caught up with him and be changed into a glorified body.

The other type of resurrection the Bible talks about is what I call the Metaphoric resurrection that talks about similitude, that refers to aspects of your life which requires a booster to jump start, that refers to your future, which refers to the things you have lost in the process of life that God will , bring back in to your life.

I want to attempt to prove to you today that there are 7 resurrection recoded in the Bible. I want us to quickly browse through and the individuals involved in this topic.

1. 2 kings 13: 20-21 it talks about the resurrection of a man whose body was dropped on the thumb of Elisha. This one teaches about the integrity of God, when God promises something it teaches the word of God.

God will not lie to you Num. 23: 19 Even when men mean well they still lie, God does not have the ability to lie.

Do not say people are blocking your way not to shine, the sky is big enough for you, where you find yourself now is a bus stop, (tell somebody it is just a bus stop).

If you judge me by my bus stop you are making a mistake because the bus stop does not tell you where am suppose to be.

Tell somebody I am going somewhere you don’t know. So don’t judge me by the bus stop I am now. Just because you see me standing by the bus stop does not mean I live there, l am going somewhere. Don’t judge me by where you see me because before you open your eyes you are going to find me in another level. Another resurrection I want you to look at is found in 1 king 17:12-13

2. Elijah from Zerafite met the widow and a son who died V:17,13 she said to Elijah I’ve got just enough flour to make enough bread for me and my son after which we died. Listen well.

Elijah said to her go and do as you have said, I began to ask my self why would Elijah say this kind of thing. I quickly summarized, you know what even God can’t help you when you have a negative confession.

The reason why the boy died is because the mother gave her loaf to Elijah (but the other loaf was given to her son). The prophecy she speaks was still hanging over it.

If both of them had eating from the loaf of bread the boy eat, they could have both died, she said to Elijah what have I got to do with you? Know what, the boy did not die as are result of poverty but her prophecy or confession.

Ask somebody what have you said about your self?

The good thing about the resurrection is that it has the power to undo everything that was spoken that is negative against in your life. I am looking at somebody under the sound of my voice today,

I declare that every negative word that is spoken against you by your parents before, by your family member, or by yourself, today they are broken in Jesus name, by the resurrection power I speak to your destiny, every word that was spoken to your life by the wicked people, that is still hanging over your head, today I say they are broken, I don’t care how long you have been carrying that curse, but today I say they are broken in Jesus name.

3. 2. kings4:34.Another resurrection talks about the Shunamite women who refuse to confess negative things about her self, instead she kept on saying it is well.

The reason people confess so much negative things about themselves is that they don’t know of any good things to say about them self. Look at whoever is with you now and speak 3 good things to them.

I want you to note this that Elisha gave Gehazi his staff to go and resurrect the boy but he couldn’t, because the boy was still lying down there dead. When opportunity is not INSPECTED, EXPECTED, or RESPECTED, then it is worthless. The master gave opportunity to GEHAZI to perform the miracle but it was misused because he wasn’t expecting it. I declare the mother of all opportunity is coming to us all soon and it will not be misused or pass by us in Jesus' name.

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