Summary: We should be overwhelmed as we contemplate the Love of Jesus towards us

I am so glad that Jesus Loves me

I. It is paramount that we understand that Jesus loves me

a. Good that we love Him

b. Better that He loves us

II. Jesus loving me gives me purpose for today

a. Why am I here – glorify Him

b. What am I to do – serve Him

III. Jesus loving me gives me hope for tomorrow

a. No matter what comes – not to worry

b. Complete confidence

IV. Jesus loving me gives me a promise for eternity

a. He is preparing a place

b. He is expecting me

V. Jesus loving me filled a void nothing else can

a. Sin leaves emptiness

b. The world leaves wanting more

VI. Jesus loving me gets me through the darkest days

a. “I know the plans I have for you”

b. He will “direct our paths”

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