Summary: This week we continue our series into Discovery who Jesus says He is through the I Am statements in the book of John. This week looks I am the Good Shepherd

Welcome back to our 5th week in the I am: Discovering who Jesus says he is series. So far we have covered Jesus as the Great I am. He is the timeless God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He is the one who was and is and is to come. Jesus as Bread of Life…by eating of him, we join him in his death and resurrection. He is the light of the world…the ever present help in time of trouble. He brings light to our path and heals our spiritual blindness. Jesus as the Door of the sheep, leading us to the love of the Father and bringing us life to fullest both here on earth and what is to come.

This week we will look at yet another e?? e?µ?: I, I am phrase. Discovering the character of God through these 7 statements made by Jesus. Last week we talked about Jesus as the door to the sheep, this week we will look at the other half of that passage: The Good Shepherd. Turn with me to John 10:11

Read Verses 11-30

When Jesus is the door, he leads us to the Father, when is cares for us he is the shepherd. There are many things listed here that the Good Shepherd does. Jesus starts here the previous passage, what we studied last week by talking about False Shepherd—Thieves and Robbers who wish to exploit the sheep, but now he brings up the new concept that He is the Good Shepherd. The Greek word here is ?a??? which translates better as Noble. Jesus is the Noble, Genuine shepherd. He loves and cares for his Sheep. He will do anything to protect us from harm. The first thing we learn about Jesus as the Good Shepherd is that He protects us!

1. The Good Shepherd Protects and Provides for His sheep

The Good Shepherd leads us and cares for us, last week we looked at how Jesus as the Door from the sheep keeps out the enemy when they are in the fold, but what about when they go to the pasture—the times when we go out into the world, the door is not going to protect us because it is back in the fold. It like the fold is the place of worship where we come, but there is more than just the fold in life…Jesus as the Good Shepherd will not give up protecting us. He will not run away from the dangers but will fight for us. Our Lord is willing to fight for our Love! He wants us to spend time with him and wants to call us his flock.

Turn with me to Psalm 23 (Read the whole chapter)

He leads us to Both places of relaxation and safety…Green Pastures and calm, still waters and the Valley of the Shadow of death. He leads us through the tribulations…through the trials, through evil times, but even when we walk through those evil, hard times. John 10:12 talks about wovles coming…wolves want to eat the sheep…it is the shadow of death when the wolf walks up behind you, but even when we are in danger: vs Psalm 23:4 I will fear no evil. Why can we fear no evil: Because You are with me. Because our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is by our side. Jesus is going to take care of the wolf, he is going to fight for us—we don’t need to!

Charles Spurgeon says this about the Great Shepherd:

What is there in you, dear friend, more than there is in any other professor, why you should not prove an apostate after all? What is there about me that I should stand where so many others have fallen?

There is nothing to hold me up if I am left to myself; but if, confessing my liability to fall, confessing my liability to be seized by the lion, and the bear, and the wolf, I can still say, "The Lord is my Shepherd," I am safe!

The sheep is not safe because it says, "I am stronger than the lion;" or, "I am able to escape from the bear;" or, "I shall always be able to avoid the wolf." Silly sheep, what canst thou do to protect thyself from thy foes*.

On RightNow media, under the Tok Assembly of God page you will see “Pastor’s Picks.” I’ve been listening to Matt Chandler’s talk on Psalm 119. After looking at David saying in verse 164: Nothing causes them to stumble, He compares that to Romans 8…Look at Romans 8:14-15,

I have talked before how this word Abba Father is the term of endearing that we get to call him Daddy God, but Paul is brining even further. Did you ever boast on your dads in Grade school, saying things like “Well my Daddy can beat up your dad?” That is what Paul is saying here look at what my Heavenly Daddy can do! Verse 31-36. When we have God protecting us, nothing can happen that he doesn’t allow—and even when he does allow it…He is still the Good shepherd and vs 28. He uses it to do great things within us…In Romans 53 Paul says that we should Glory and Rejoice in our tribulations for tribulations produce perseverance and perseverance, Character and character Hope in the salvation we have and in the Love of God.

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