Summary: This message shows Jesus as the light to guide us to life eternal

“I Am the Light of the World”

John 8:12-20


Sukkot, or better known as the Feast of the Tabernacles, was completed.

· This is the final feast of the year for the Hebrews, Israelites.

· This feast was also called the “Feast of the Ingathering”, for it occurred after all of the crops had been harvested.

· During 40 year wilderness sojourn, Israel dwelt in small movable huts, which are also called tabernacles. Thus, this feast was to be an annual reminder God’s provision during that time.

· This was a joyful feast. It was also one of the pilgrim feasts (the Feast of Unleavened Bread (which starts the day after Passover), and the Feast of Weeks), in which all males were required to come to Jerusalem to worship at the temple.

· One of the ceremonies at this feast was the lighting of 4 menorahs (each having 4 lamps) in the court of the women. When these lamps were lit, they would put off a great amount light, and this light reflecting off of the golden walls of the temple, would cause the temple to be noticed from all of Jerusalem.

As this feast has come to a conclusion, these menorahs would probably still be sitting in the temple area. Jesus arrives early in the morning (Jn 8:2). People have heard that he was there and started to teach, the Pharisees have come to try to trap Jesus (which we will look at later) and turn the people against him. The sun may now be beginning to appear into the area in which they were seated, and Jesus says unto all that is there:

John 8:12 Jesus spoke to the Pharisees again. "I am the light of the world," he said. "Whoever follows me will have the light of life and will never walk in darkness."

Jesus is the light of the world, and we can see this manifested I believe in 4 different ways.

I) The Former Light

a) Light in the Sky

Exodus 13:21-22 And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night: (22) He took not away the pillar of the cloud by day, nor the pillar of fire by night, from before the people.

God led these children. This light helped them to see the path they were walking, but also gave them warmth to help against the cold desert nights.

b) Shekinah Glory at the Temple

2 Chronicles 7:1-3 Now when Solomon had made an end of praying, the fire came down from heaven, and consumed the burnt offering and the sacrifices; and the glory of the LORD filled the house. (2) And the priests could not enter into the house of the LORD, because the glory of the LORD had filled the LORD’S house. (3) And when all the children of Israel saw how the fire came down, and the glory of the LORD upon the house, they bowed themselves with their faces to the ground upon the pavement, and worshipped, and praised the LORD, saying, For he is good; for his mercy endureth for ever.

At that time, God was seen through out all of Israel. God’s glory filled the house, and we know that God’s glory is a bright light from other references of God.

II) The Forgiving Light

a) John 8: 3-11

1) they brought the woman, who was caught in the very act

2) Jesus began writing in the sand. People often wonder what he wrote; did he write of the sins of those there that accused; did he write the names of those there; or did he do as we see God do in the Old Testament, write again the 10 Commandments in the dirt as He did on the stone tablets.

3) But Jesus challenged those that were there to look at themselves, and the one who has no sin, let him cast the first stone. Then he simply started writing again in the sand.

4) Those who brought the women one by one started to leave realizing they were in no way going to challenge this one in front of them, for they knew they had no grounds to do what they did.

5) When all had gone, he simply looked at her and forgave her, and told her to go and sin no more.

b) Jesus offers you forgiveness

1) Today, Satan stands be fore God condemning you of all your faults and failures.

2) As he knew all about that woman and all she had done, he knows all about you and your sins.

3) When we give the altar call in a few moments, will you today be willing to accept forgiveness?

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