Summary: This is the third of a four part look at Jesus teaching that He is the true vine. This message focuses on God’s utilization of pruning to prepare us to bear more fruit.

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(Extensive inspiration for this sermon series taken from Bruce Wilkerson’s "Secrets of the Vine")

Introduction - Spring has arrived, we have begun gardening, and pruning (reference recent Herald-Leader Article on pruning)

Draw connection to Spiritual Pruning

Jesus final "I Am. . ." teaching on earth - John 15: 1-8


- Jesus is the Vine: the trunk out of the ground.

- God is the Vinedresser: focused on producing the highest yield of fruit possible in our lives.

- We are the Branches: Conduit of life from the trunk to the fruit.


Fruit = our external works & deeds, including

evangelism and kingdom building, but much more & also the inner working and fruit of the Spirit


1. Does not bear fruit (v. 2)

2. Bears fruit (v. 2)

3. Bears more fruit (v. 2)

4. Bears much fruit (v. 5)


Max Lucado writes the story of Deborah Ricketts. He writes, “Everyone loves what Deborah Ricketts does. But nobody loves it while she’s doing it. Everyone loves the product, but no one enjoys the process.

“She is an independent researcher for the film industry. Do you want your movie to be accurate? Want your facts to be reliable? Send a script and a check to this former librarian and watch the facts begin to fly.

“A film set in the thirties needs everything to look like the thirties. You can’t have a person reading from a newspaper that didn’t exist back then or a band playing a song that wasn’t yet written. Such mistakes occur.

“In Raiders of the Lost Ark the map that charted Indiana Jones’s flight routed him over Thailand. Problem: The movie was set in 1936. Thailand was called Siam until 1939.

“In Die Hard II Bruce Willis makes a phone call from what is supposed to be a Dulles Airport pay phone in Washington, D.C. No one noticed that the phone booth read Pacific Bell.

“Deborah Ricketts lives to find these errors. She is on a scavenger hunt for flubs. She winds her way into props and sets and examines everything. Other people’s oversights are her undertakings. She niggles for the scriptwriter’s own good. The process is not pleasant, but the result is rewarding.”

Looking at the branch that bears fruit –

it is at this point that we have revealed a mannerism of God’s that is similar to Deborah Ricketts.

Jesus portrays God as the Good Gardener who cuts and trims the vine (v. 1-3).

It is not that God wants to nitpick at us, that He wants to point out all of our flaws and errors,

but God is the Gardener.

For the people of Jesus’ day, they understood that vines grew abundantly in Palestine. Carefully pruned, they produced sweet grapes, but left unkempt, they crept everywhere and into everything.

So the gardener trims the vines.

So they can bear more fruit.

Like a careful gardener, God will clip and cut away anything that interferes with His purpose and plan for us to bear fruit.

The Difficult & Sometimes Painful Truth –

If you are bearing fruit, don’t get too comfortable,

a pruning is coming.

How do I know?

Which branches that bear fruit does Jesus say will be pruned?

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