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Summary: John 14:6 may be one of the richest texts in Scripture. There are some very powerful implications to John 14:6 and it is important for us as Christians to know what they are and what they mean.

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November 18, 2007

John 14:6

I am the Truth

“I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me.”

What is truth? What makes something true? Is truth simply what is true to you? Or is there a universal truth that is true for everyone? What is truth? We live in a society that is continually changing truth. Truth is not what it once was, it has changed…at least in our perception of it. Truth used to be a universal capital T truth. It was transcendent, it was from above. Truth used to be viewed as something that was set, that was. Truth for thousands of years truth was what God said it was. The church then took advantage of that for its own personal gain and used the capital T truth that comes from above to control the ignorant masses. Then the masses got educated and society shifted. This shift for you historians was the shift from pre-modernism to modernism. As a result of this shift the nature of our understanding of truth changed. Truth was no longer capital T or a universal truth that came from above, but a universal truth that was out there to be found. This was the age of science and reasoning. Truth still existed in our understanding as universal as total…it was just a truth that needed evidence and study to support. Many of you were alive at the peak of this modernist movement, in fact many of you probably think along those lines. Modernism is fading. In the shift from modernism to postmodernism our understanding of truth has shifted once again. Truth is no longer a capital T universal truth that is out there to be found…but a lowercase personal truth that is within to be discovered. Postmodernism makes truth a relative entity. What does that mean? Has truth changed? Or is it just our perception of truth that has shifted? What is truth?

When I was little I used to get into all kinds of trouble. I was a bratty little kid and well let’s just say there is a good reason my dad has all grey hair now. I was a troublesome little kid. I would try to get away with anything. We had a rule that you could not watch t.v until your chores were done on Saturday morning. I hated that rule…by the time you got all your chores done…all the good shows were over. So I would watch t.v before doing my chores sometimes. My mom used to ask me if I had done my chores. Bratty little kid that I was I would tell her that they were done even when they weren’t. Of course she had a knack for catching me…but was what I said a lie? Or was it simply my perception? I was satisfied with how clean my room was…so maybe to me it was clean. So maybe I was telling her the truth right? After all…what is truth?

You may be wondering…wait…why are we talking about truth and not the way this week. We are out of order. Yes we are. But, from the very start we need to have a clear understanding of truth that we have established in order to accept and discuss the way and the life. Truth is the foundation upon which we must build, so it seemed only appropriate to start with the foundation.

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