Summary: This sermon is about having the courage and the God kind of faith, empowering the believer to rise above their present circumstances.

I would like to preach and teach about three things that can transform your life. Number one, believe that you can! Second, conceive that you can! Third, acheive what you can. Or another way of saying the same thing in a different tone is to say it like this: conceive it with your mind, believe it in your heart, then you can acheive it in your life.

I remember growing up in Houston, Texas, I use to believe that I could fly. I was so bold that I would climb garages and jump with my hands spread, because I thought that I was Superman. I believed that I could fly!

If you know anything about the writer of the song from the Space Jams movie, R. Kelly then you know that his life was filled with dope rather than hope; filled with violence and nonsense. But something happened to R. Kelly; he came out of the world, gave his life to Christ, and he thought for a moment, how will I make a living singing Gospel music. But God being the kind of God God is, opened a door, very much like the Lord opens tombs. The Lord opened a door and brother Kelly took this song into motion after crossing over from death into life, he says, you know, "I believe I can fly."

Two thousand years ago, when Jesus over came hell, death, and the grave, Jesus made it possible for whosoever believes in Him, to have the same power, to realize their potential and pursue their purpose, to rise above their limitations and their liabilities. Courage is about rising above your circumstances. Courage means to rise above your situations, getting up from what is holding you down and what is getting over on you. Courage means to rise above the pettiness and to begin to soar. Courage is about flying. Courage is about getting a life. The Resurrection life! "I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky. I think about it every night and day."

Your mind first has to conceive it, then your heart has to believe, then you can achieve it. That is what the resurrection means to me, since Jesus rose on the third day, I can rise! I can make it! I can take it! I can shake it! Death can not defeat me, heartaches can not hold me!

I can go above my problems, above my situations, and above my circumstances. Do you know why? "I think about it every night and day, spread my wings...I believe I can fly." That is why people who believe it have the right attitude because it is in their mind.

It is not an attitude of arrogance, it is an attitude of confidence and of courage.

And so the world gets mad at you because they do not like your attitude. But the world does not understand it because you think about it every night and day.

One day the disciples came to Jesus about a boy who had been possessed with a demon. Jesus said to them, "give me the boy." The disciples could not cast the demon out and Jesus said, "bring me the boy." Instantaneously, Jesus laid hands on him and the demon came out. The disciples said, "why couldn’t we, cast him out." Jesus said, "It was because of your faith."

Why can’t we cast out the demons? The demons of poverty! The demons of stress! The demons of racism! the demons of insecurity! The demons of low self esteem! The demons of sexism! The demons of discouragement! Why is it that we can not cast them out? Jesus said, "It is because your faith, is not where it ought to be."

Now when I speak of faith, I am not talking about the greatness of faith because we do not teach faith in faith. It is not faith that will deliver you, it is the God of faith who will deliver you.

And one of the reasons that we miss our blessings is because we do not give God the glory nor the praise. A part from Christ you can do nothing.

A lot of folk can conceive something, and can believe something but that is about as far as they can go because they do not have the power to do what it is they have on their minds. You are getting ready to fly and somebody says, "You can’t, you won’t, you shouldn’t, you’ll fail, you’ll fall." And then you give up on your dreams.

Negative air traffic controlers will stop you from reaching your destiny.

There is a story about a vaccum salesman down in Tennesee. He was out in rural Tennesee. He had his vaccum cleaner and all of his tools and everything, and he went out there and he told a lady, "I’ve got the most exciting vaccum cleaner you have ever seen.

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Annette Douthit

commented on Jul 23, 2008

Can''t wait for more, these were so good, I hope to read more of your sermons soon. May God continue to help you work the word!!

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