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Summary: 1. God the Father (in context of the Trinity) 2. Maker of heaven & earth (its more important to know the Creator, then how he created.) 3. Almighty (The way God sees freedom)

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I Believe in God the Father almighty, maker of heaven and earth.

Pastor Grant van Boeschoten

June 24, 2012

Prayer - Holy Spirit, you are sent by God the Father to be, among other things, our teacher. I ask that you would speak today. I ask that you would penetrate each one of us past the simple point of logic and understanding, that your words would cut us to the heart. I ask you Holy Spirit to glorify Jesus Christ today, to let see with fresh eyes God’s love. This is your time to speak to us God, please, have your way with us.


As many of you are aware, we have begun an extremely important series of message completely based on the Apostles Creed. I know that God will use these messages to shape our church, and in turn, shape our communities and our city. The Apostles Creed carries truth that conquers the world. I highly recommend that you invite any one who has questions about the Christian faith to attend this summer, or to listen to the messages on our website. These our foundational truths to the Christian Faith. Furthermore, they are compelling truths. We begin to understand what these words mean, and we are drawn to belief in God. There is a power here, in these true statements about God, that can save lives for eternity. When you understand these words, your life is changed.

Today we begin by asking God to teach us about the truths that our found in the opening line of the Apostles Creed. It starts like this;

I believe in God the Father almighty, maker of heaven and earth.

We are going to look in some detail at the 3 different aspects to this statement, and we will do so in different order than they are found in the creed, just to help with train of thought.

God the Father

Maker of heaven and earth


As you read through the Apostles Creed you will see statements that affirm belief in the three different persons who make up the God head, or the Trinity. I believe in God the Father. I Believe in Jesus his only Son. I Believe in the Holy Spirit. All three are God, and God is all three.

The three-in-oneness of God, (or the trinity,) is a fact that will forever puzzle me. Partly because I can’t relate to a three-in-oneness on my own. I am one person, not three in one, and so it’s tough for me, the way I was created to really get grasp on how God can be three in one. But He is. Each member of the Trinity is fully God, each Member has equal rights, and each member has his own role to play in the Trinity.

I did preach a message last summer called “Please explain to me the Trinity?”, it’s on our website, and you might find it helpful in going into further detail on the subject. But the truth is, it’s difficult to speak on any member of the Trinity, without talking about the other members as well, probably because of the three-in-oneness nature of God.

The Creation of the World shows us God in three persons, each person carrying out specific functions which we can see remain specific to each person through out history.

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