Summary: Too often we allow our painful past to hold us hostage to the moment of our pain. We are hurt or offended and are seriously challenged to move past the pain to a place of wholeness. It is only from a place of wellness that we can complete God's purpose

Hear the Word - Momentarially committed – then we get distracted

We find ourselves in the same place…stuck for years (gossip, unforgive, complain)

Jezebel - Lazy - read the bible - sleep vs. SMBS – watch TV vs. praying…excuses,

lie vs. the truth… We know we need to move – we know God has better for us, but…

Luke 9: 51 – 56


I. On A Mission (vs. 51)

A. God has something important for us to do

B. It has Kingdom significance, but It’s not going to be easy

C. It’s time for us to be resolute - Jesus “set His face”

D. It’s the doorway to our greatest blessings…exhaltation/honor

Acts 26:16 “I have appeared unto thee for this purpose, to make thee a minister and a witness.” (witness of the truth, spirit, power)

II. Samaritan Opposition (vs. 52- 53) (Northern kingdom – Assyrians)

A. Our enemy will oppose us (hate, jealousy, envy, criticism…)

B. Found in some of the most unusual places (home, church…)

C. Prejudices prevented them from seeing God (missed Jesus)…(race…)

D. Our “nature” is to deal with the situation (vs.54) – vindictive spirit

E. Focus on the mission – not the opposition….(forgot the mission…)

Job 23:13 “But He stands alone, and who can oppose Him?”

1Samuel 2:10 “those who oppose the Lord will be shattered” (battle’s not yours)

III. Make A Transition (vs. 55 – 56)

A. Say we are on God’s side but – we have become part of the problem…

B. Stop fretting over what you’ve lost – begin to look for what’s on the way

C. Making a transition – difficult to see beyond where you ARE (5 things)

D. Scheme of the enemy to distract us from our mission (save vs. destroy)…

E. “I Can’t Stay Here” – not now! I’m too close. (Hold on last ½ hr.)

I’ve got too much to do - My mission is too important

I won’t be hindered by ignorance – I CAN’T STAY HERE

My blessings are determined by my position in Him – Not by the opposition of them

I won’t be hindered by pride – I CAN’T STAY HERE

He told me that He was going to exalt me that I might exalt Him

I won’t be hindered by hatred – I CAN’T STAY HERE…..

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