Summary: The fact remains that too many of God’s people like to complain. We especially like to complain in order to make the problems of life someone else fault. We need to turn our complaints into Praise.



Our main focus this morning will be upon VS. 3 – I am sure that we all can find ourselves in the midst of this verse. I lift up as a thought to you this morning – I Complained– I know we don’t like to admit it but Truth be Told - we all are guilty of complaining along the way. Some of us did some Complaining before we left the house on our way to Church this morning. Some of us did some complaining in the Pews already this morning.

When I read this text a few days ago after the leading of the Holy Spirit, the first thing that came to mind was a song that has been very popular over the past 20+ years, matter of fact we heard it sung recently here at Perfected Praise Worship Center. The song is entitled “I WON’T COMPLAIN.” It is the REV. PAUL JONES (1960 – 1990) who is oftentimes credited with writing this song , however - BISHOP WILLIAM C. ABNEY actually wrote the song although it is most remembered by REV. CLAY EVANS rendition.

A few of the versus in this great song say:

I've had some good days

I've had some hills to climb

I've had some weary days

And lonely nights

But when I look around

And I think things over

All of my good days

They out weigh my bad days

So I won't complain

Sometimes the clouds are low

I can hardly see the road

I ask the question Lord

Lord, why

Lord why

Why, why, why so much pain?

But the Lord knows what's best for me

Although my weary eyes

Oh they can't see

So I'll just say thank you Lord

Thank you Lord

Thank you Lord

I won't complain

Here is what I have learned, we love to sing the song - we will wreck a church and fall out all over the floor, when the song is sung with the Anointing of the Lord. But the bottom line is the fact that for the majority of us it is a great song – BUT IN REALITY WE DO COMPLAIN! Just be honest and high five your neighbor and say “YES I DO COMPLAIN.”

I thought about using the title this morning – “I Won’t Complain” – but I would rather KEEP IT REAL. If I used the title I Won’t Complain – I would have your husband or wife or children look at you funny like – I Know You Are Not Saying Amen. So let’s talk about this topic this morning – I Complained. Even in our text this morning the writer fully ADMITS to COMPLAINING. Does not try to hide behind a song, does not try to fool God, simply admits and says I Complained.

This particular Psalm was written by a Jew who lived during the time of exile. Those were difficult times for the people of Israel - they were scattered away from their homeland. And as he looked at his nation, the psalmist could not see any hope of an end to the hardship his people were going through. We can feel his AGONY in this chapter. He was pouring his heart out to God. He was SAD – TIRED – DEPRESSED. In such a situation, there were many questions - unanswered questions. And he found himself pouring out these questions to God:

• Will the Lord reject forever?

• Will he never show his favor again?

• Has his unfailing love vanished forever?

• Has his promise failed for all time?

• Has God forgotten to be merciful?

• Has he in anger withheld his compassion?

Have you ever had some moments like that? Where you felt like God had abandoned you. I had a day like that this past week. I was having a pity party starting feeling like I am just a burden to my family. Began to wonder has God forgotten his promises - is He not concerned with what I am going through down here. Maybe it’s just me. Perhaps you have never been there before. Matter of fact I even found myself COMPLAINING most of the week. Yes, your Pastor, yes, the Bishop – I Complained.

These are honest questions being presented in this text for our consideration. A man who is trying to understand the MEANING OF WHAT HE IS GOING THROUGH. These are questions we asked too - they are forced out of our heart when we go through hardship and pain. Has God really cast him and his people out forever?

The writer found himself in a DRY PLACE – A SPIRITUAL WILDERNESS. He felt as though emptiness had taken his soul. ASAPH who wrote this psalm penned the words while in a spiritual wilderness.

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